How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Aug 12 2018

''A Raisin in the SUN'' star sidneypoitier
''All Things Considered'' airer npr
''Here Comes the SUN'' group thebeatles
''If you ask me,'' to a texter imo
''No kidding!'' itsafact
''No __, ands, or buts'' ifs
''Welcome'' purchase doormat
''Westworld'' airer hbo
33 Across sound rasp
A couple of two
Activity at SUN Valley, Idaho snowskiing
Actor Penn sean
Adult ed. course esl
AFB truant awol
Amalgamation union
Approach peak flavor ripen
At an angle atilt
Athlete often eating SUNflower seeds baseballer
Auditor's examinations: Abbr bks
Avid about into
Back of the neck nape
Be very fond of adore
Believe proper seefit
Blog entries posts
Breadth scope
Brian of figure skating orser
Bushy hairdo afro
Cardiology concern aorta
Carolers' offerings noels
Carry a balance owe
Cause of flight delays fog
Chromosome set genome
City near Pompeii naples
Clever one wit
Clubs used as weapons cudgels
Coin-in-fountain sound plop
Collarless top teeshirt
Confined, with ''up'' pent
Corporate VIPs ceos
Couple pair
Court collections fines
Court reporter steno
Curbs, with ''in'' reins
Deals in sells
Desert formation dune
Dip with taco chips salsa
Diva's solo aria
Divvy up allot
Dry runs tests
Exotic jelly fruit guava
Filled with quills spiny
First game of a series opener
Followers: Suff ists
Fortitude mettle
Frittata ingredient egg
Frog-throated hoarse
Frosty's pipe cob
German canal city kiel
Get to have one's say speak
Giant hunter of myth orion
Gives the go-ahead oks
Had been was
Hardwood tree ash
High IQ society member mensan
High-priority notation asap
Historian Shelby foote
Home for some artists loft
Home inspector's concern radon
Ian Fleming prep school eton
Island south of Sicily malta
Japanese graphic novel manga
Justice succeeded by Sotomayor souter
Leading ontop
Long tresses manes
Look closely (at) peer
Lyric poet odist
Manipulate, as dough knead
Maple Leafs or Bruins nhlteam
Mary-Kate or Ashley olsen
Menace of comics dennis
Minor squabbles spats
Miscalculate err
More devious slier
More noble purer
Mud bath venue spa
Mudguards, essentially flaps
Name on ''Citizen Kane'' posters orson
Nine-symbol signal sos
No-win situation tie
Noncommercial TV spot psa
Not yet scheduled: Abbr tba
O'Donnell of TV rosie
Old-school hand cleaners lyesoaps
Part of a pitched roof gable
PD alerts apbs
Person from Muscat omani
Pertained to boreon
Pick up on get
Pitchfork part prong
Places for prices tags
Poet Teasdale sara
Poetic preposition ere
Policy purveyor insurer
Pull up a chair sit
Quaint quarters inn
Reduced one's intake dieted
Release from a leash untether
Repeals undoes
Right this minute now
Rooms to relax in dens
Scottish sheepdog, familiarly sheltie
Screeners org tsa
Seattle hrs pst
Setting for Van Gogh works arles
Short cybermessage tweet
Short skirt mini
Show the ropes to orient
Sicilian hot spot etna
Smooths (out) evens
Stock exchange signal bell
Store sign filler neongas
Stored away laidin
Strong determination will
Stuff things
SUNdance Channel founder robertredford
SUNset Boulevard city losangeles
SUNshine State town or county palmbeach
Tampa neighbor, for short stpete
Tech news website cnet
Tequila SUNrise ingredient grenadine
Thing of value asset
Thrifty, in brand names econo
Traditional kimono fabric silk
Trash hauler scow
Triangular sign yield
Two-footed animals bipeds
Uncommon sense esp
Vacuums or mops cleans
Wallpaper adhesive paste
Wasn't colorfast bled
What Cyprus concludes with ess
What printers call a page number folio
What the 1890s were called gay
Where ''The SUN'' is #1 in daily circulation unitedkingdom
With no close competitor byfar
Zodiac beast ram
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