How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate May 29 2016

'-- Marner' SILAS
'-- trap!' ITSA
'And on and on and on': Abbr ETCETC
'Have -- a deal for you!' IGOT
'Hey, I was thinking ...' OHSAY
'I'm cold!' BRR
'Les Misérables' author, to a math lover? VECTORHUGO
'Oh really? -- who?!' SEZ
'The ball -- your court' ISIN
'Well, Did You --?' (Cole Porter tune) EVAH
-- code MORSE
-- kwon do TAE
-- while INA
-- Zedong MAO
1950 black-comedy film noir, to a math lover? SUBSETBOULEVARD
2011-15 speaker of the House BOEHNER
Abbr. on a camcorder REC
Air, as an oldie RERUN
Alpine goats IBEXES
Annoys a lot EATSAT
Arrive, as fog ROLLIN
Aztec cousin UTE
Ballpark bite HOTDOG
Balm plant ALOE
Beat big-time ROUT
Belgian artist James ENSOR
Big name in breath mints TICTAC
Bow rub-on ROSIN
Bunch of, informally LOTTA
Burglarizes ROBS
Carmelite nun TERESA
Casual greetings YOS
Certain floor specialist TILER
Chicken -- POX
Christie of mystery AGATHA
Christopher of 'Superman' REEVE
City in Texas DALLAS
Classical column style DORIC
Cry audibly SOB
Cry upon arriving HEREIAM
Deli breads RYES
Derision SCORN
Designer Oscar de la -- RENTA
Diminish EBB
Domino spot PIP
Extra NBA periods OTS
Fit to send via the postal service MAILABLE
Floral oil ATTAR
Freezing up ICINGOVER
Gators' kin CROCS
Get as profit REAP
Glossy proof REPRO
Guitarist Nugent TED
Guitarist Paul LES
Hall's partner in music OATES
Hand lender AIDE
Harsh in tone RASPY
Have a hunch INTUIT
Height stat ALT
Hi-tech 'zine EMAG
Hot brew TEA
HST follower DDE
Huge grin, to a math lover? GRADIENTSMILE
Huge heads EGOS
Import taxes DUTIES
Increases, as debt ACCRUES
It may dispense 13-Down URN
Jerry's uncle on 'Seinfeld' LEO
Layer with a 'hole' in it OZONE
Lift with effort HEAVE
Like saltines CRISP
Lump of mayo, e.g GOB
Lyric Muse ERATO
Male Oscar category, to a math lover? BESTSUPPORTINGFACTOR
Mama's ma NANA
Many moons AGES
Med. x-ray CTSCAN
Meditative discipline YOGA
Mimic APE
Mini-demon IMP
Mixer choice SODA
More done than 'bloody,' to a math lover? MEDIANRARE
Mother bird HEN
Motionless ATREST
Motoring TV series TOPGEAR
Narrow coastal inlet RIA
Nisan feast SEDER
No fewer than ATLEAST
Old Carl Sagan series COSMOS
Old overlord TSAR
Old ring king ALI
Old-time comedian Russell NIPSEY
Olive Oyl's guy, to a math lover? POPEYETHESCALAR
One like the previous one ANOTHER
One-named Italian model FABIO
Outfits GETUPS
Pachyderms ELEPHANTS
Pack-toting animals ASSES
Party abbr. about drinks BYOB
Peculiarity ODDNESS
Petrol station name ESSO
Prescription measure DOSAGE
Pretty up ADORN
Protective spirit, to a math lover? GUARDIANANGLE
R.E. Lee's org CSA
Remington of 1980s TV STEELE
Reporter, informally NEWSIE
Rival of Lyft UBER
Roman fountain TREVI
SeaWorld killer whale SHAMU
Shallot's kin ONION
Silky fabric RAYON
Singer Morissette ALANIS
Sir -- Newton ISAAC
South, south of the border SUR
Sovereign IMPERIAL
Spinning measure, to a math lover? REVOLUTIONSPERSECANT
Stick on ADD
Storied duelist with a big nose CYRANO
Suffix with leopard ESS
Supply with a new weapon REARM
Talked nonsense DRIVELED
Tax doc. pro CPA
Tetra- + five NONA
Tijuana 'that' ESO
U.S. aliens' subj ESL
Utah City near Provo LEHI
Vampire novelist ANNERICE
Ventures DARES
View SEE
Wallach of 'The Misfits' ELI
Way to leave EGRESS
Went by PASSED
Will subject ESTATE
Win points SCORE
Yolk's place EGG
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