How many letters in the Answer?

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'Against the Wind' singer bobseger
'Auld — Syne' lang
'Beetle Bailey,' e.g comic
'In case it's true ...' ifso
'Quit it!' stop
'Raggedy' plaything ann
'Shop — you drop!' til
'Speechless' airer abc
'Thy Neighbor's Wife' author Gay talese
1971 Stanley Kubrick film aclockworko
96, in old Rome xcvi
Ache pain
Actress Hayek salma
Actress Susan lucci
Antares, e.g star
Apropos of inre
Attain get
Attire clothe
Billiards shot carom
Blood carrier vein
Bullring shout ole
Bygone theater chain loews
Capital of Bulgaria sofia
Chest muscles, informally pecs
Chew like a rodent gnaw
Coalition bloc
Collins of rock and pop phil
Come to wake
Concocted made
Contends vies
Court plea, in brief nolo
Crowns for nobles coronets
Dark Chinese tea oolong
Desktops since 1998 imacs
Dictator Idi amin
Doing the job onit
Due, as money owed
Edible pomegranate part aril
Ending for acetyl ene
Evening, in adspeak nite
Explorer — de León ponce
Fab Four drummer ringo
False names aliases
Flew on foot ran
Fluorescent green Crayola color electricl
Folk legend Guthrie arlo
Fourth prime seven
Give knowledge inform
Glistening grass stuff dew
Grocery, e.g store
Gruesome macabre
Gunky icky
Gunky stuff slime
Have control over own
Hawaii's Mauna — loa
Heroine in Nintendo's Mario games princessp
Home pest roach
Honcho topb
Hotel phone abbr ext
Houdini's skill magic
Imitate Daffy Duck lisp
Impassive stoic
Infant food pap
Involving three parties trilateral
Irvine locale california
It may follow 'Use by' on a label expirationd
Krypton, e.g element
Laud extol
Lauder of perfume estee
Legendary hero of Athens theseus
Len of stage and screen cariou
Like some hotel dining inroom
Lindsay of 'Mean Girls' lohan
Lipton rival nestea
Lisa of pop loeb
Looker-on witness
Louvre, e.g museum
Mexican folk musician mariachi
Middling soso
More than friendly intimate
Most malicious meanest
Mu — chicken shu
Muscat dweller omani
Nest eggs for srs iras
New York City is said to be one biga
Nona- minus one octa
Not duped by onto
Not including less
Not-yet-final software beta
Of no value notworthaf
Old Italian painter raphael
One of the Clue suspects professorp
One slaving away toiler
Painter Chagall marc
Period age
Period era
Peter of 'Masada' otoole
Pitch-related tonal
Praiseful poem ode
Prefix with present omni
Private college in the Bay State amherst
Ref's ring decision tko
Regatta gear oars
Resembling a gorilla apelike
Respiratory woe asthma
Rock stone
Scot's cap tam
See 117-Across date
See 124-Across fig
See 24-Across plum
See 27-Across orange
See 37-Across banana
See 54-Across peach
See 73-Across apple
See 90-Across lime
Set up, for short prep
Shakers or Quakers sect
Singer Bonnie raitt
Singer Rawls lou
Sipping aid straw
Slanted atilt
Slaved away labored
Small pellets of shot bbs
Solo of 'Solo' han
Some Korean cars kias
Some shiny plastics vinyls
Spring (from) arise
Spring (from) stem
State boldly aver
Stuck — rut ina
Suffix of languages ese
Sully soil
Swamp grass reed
Tangle up ensnare
That fellow's his
The Antilles, e.g isles
Tiny fraction of a joule erg
Tots' beds cribs
Transgress err
Transgress sin
Tyler's successor polk
U.K. mil. branch raf
Uninvited partygoer crasher
United Airlines hub ohare
WWII-era British gun sten
Zadora of 'Hairspray' pia
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