How many letters in the Answer?

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'30 Rock' star tinafey
'Movin' —' ('The Jeffersons' theme song) onup
'Pronto' asap
'To clarify ...' imean
Actor Buchholz horst
Actor Ferrell will
Actor Sheen charlie
Actors' aids cues
Appears seems
Astronaut Grissom gus
Attacks from ambush waylays
Backwoods denial naw
Balls of fire dynamos
Bank acct. accrual int
Biblical brother of Jacob esau
Bill tack-ons riders
Boise locale: Abbr ida
Bon — (witticism) mot
Bric-a- — brac
Cake layers tiers
Calm sedate
Cashews and pecans nuts
Cato's 750 dccl
Certifies (to) attests
Cesar who played the Joker romero
Chaperones, typically adults
Charisma appeal
Chiefly mainly
Chilling Chaney lon
City near Epcot orlando
Comfy room den
Confront face
Cornell's city ithaca
Counterpart of a column row
Cry buckets bawl
Did a slowish ballroom dance tangoed
Disney princess from 'The Princess and the Frog' tiana
Dramatist Levin ira
Earthy hue tan
Emmy winner Susan lucci
Emotes, e.g acts
End of the riddle sufferfrominsomnia
Ending for butyl ene
Engage in, as a trade ply
English actress Diana dors
Entertainer Charles Nelson — reilly
Equine, in tot-speak horsy
Fa-la linkup sol
Falco of 'Outside In' edie
Fancy pourer ewer
Fashion's Wintour anna
Fellow mac
Female sheep ewes
Final last
German Mr herr
Give a lift to elevate
Got long again, as a mown lawn regrew
Haughtiness airs
Hoodwink con
Hot dog roll bun
Humiliated ashamed
Humorist Ogden nash
Hwy. offense dui
Hybrid ride ecocar
In a little bit anon
Internet auction site ebay
Inventive Edison thomas
It often follows 'Co.' inc
Join a class enroll
LGA info eta
Like a triangle with three unequal sides scalene
Like snakes scaly
Maintain keep
Male sheep ram
Match cheer rah
Matured ripened
Melancholy instruments oboes
Memento of Molokai lei
Mongolian tent yurt
Mother, in Spain madre
Neighbor of Minneapolis edina
Nigerian, e.g african
Novelist O'Brien edna
Nurtured fed
Outer: Prefix ect
Overlooks omits
Parallel (with) even
Part of SWAK with
Part of SWAK sealed
Pathological plant swelling edema
Peruvian capital lima
Phil of protest songs ochs
Prefix with potent omni
Pupil locale iris
Really, really ohso
Rebound on a pool table carom
Respected honored
Revival shouts amens
Riddle's answer sleeplessinsaddle
Riddle, part 2 anewromanticcomedy
Riddle, part 3 thattellsthetaleof
Riddle, part 4 acowboyanda
Riddle, part 5 cowgirlwhohappento
Roll-call call here
Roll-call call aye
Salem locale oregon
Seasons of falling leaves autumns
Shipping container mailer
Shirley's TV roommate laverne
Shriver of tennis pam
Skye of the screen ione
Small brook rill
Sneakers brand adidas
Sooner than, to bards ere
Special ability gift
Special ability, for short esp
Specially formed, as a committee adhoc
Spots sees
StarKist fish tuna
Start of a riddle whatmighttheyname
Stocking material nylon
Stocking material silk
Street stray waif
Suffix with Taiwan ese
Swiped stole
Teacher of martial arts sensei
Tennis star Arthur ashe
Tijuana 'two' dos
Tire (out) wear
Toothpaste box org ada
TV's Longoria eva
Untidy type slob
Use a kayak canoe
Veg-o- — (Ronco product) matic
Water flow stopper dam
When delivery is expected duedate
Whimpers mewls
Whole bunch slew
Work unit erg
Young tiger cub
Yours, in the King James Bible thine
— chi ch'uan tai
— Lanka sri
— Yards (Orioles' stadium) camden
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