How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Jun 16 2019

'-—-la-la' tra
'50s prez ike
'60s prez abe
'Burnt' hues siennas
'It's my turn now' igo
'Lemme think about that ...' umm
'Pride — before destruction' goeth
'Sands of Iwo Jima' director Dwan allan
'This looks bad' uhoh
1959 Freddy Cannon hit tallahasseelassie
1964 Elvis Presley hit vivalasvegas
1969 Glen Campbell hit wichitalineman
1974 Paper Lace hit thenightchicagodied
1975 Elton John hit philadelphiafreedom
1985 Jan Hammer hit miamivicetheme
1986 John Cougar Mellencamp hit that summarizes this puzzle? rockintheusa
Ad biz award clio
And the like: Abbr etal
Apra Harbor locale guam
Article in many rap song titles tha
Asimov classic irobot
Atlas feature showing altitude reliefmap
Baking potatoes idahos
Battle reminders scars
Be flexible bend
Be on the hunt prowl
Big klutz lug
Big klutz oaf
Bluesy James etta
Breather rest
Cabbie's cry hopin
Carrier to Milan airitaly
Close to near
Close to nigh
Comic Anne meara
Consumption usage
Copy and Paste setting editmenu
Cry of epiphany isee
Cry of epiphany eureka
Cuban money peso
Cup part rim
Dangling bit of jewelry earbob
Demand (of) ask
Didn't waver stoodfirm
Diplomats' residences embassies
Droop down sag
Ellipsis part dot
Embroiders, e.g sews
Empty a suitcase unpack
Equine animal ass
ExxonMobil, BP, Chevron and such bigoil
Figure skater Kulik ilia
Fine-tuned honed
Flood barrier levee
Folder's call imout
Former big record gp mca
Former big record gp emi
Friendly bat of the eye wink
G.P.'s field med
Get excited arouse
Ghana port accra
Good aspect upside
Graff of 'Ladybugs' ilene
Guitar maker Paul les
Haifa's home israel
Hip-hop mogul Gotti irv
Home loan offerer mortgagee
Horn blast toot
Huge heroes idols
Ill sign, say omen
Inedible type of orange osage
Instagram, for one app
Intro drawing class, maybe arti
Jared of 'Mr. Nobody' leto
Klum on many covers heidi
Land in the water, in Livorno isola
Lead-in to classical neo
Lead-in to gender cis
Like tildes wavy
Looks hard stares
Mata — hari
Missionary 'Mother' teresa
Moistening while cooking basting
Move to and — fro
Movies, informally flicks
Mr. —! (Clue-like board game) ree
Native of France's capital parisian
Need (to) ought
New Olds in 1999 alero
Note after fa sol
Noted times eras
Occupy, as a desk sitat
Of positional relations spatial
Of utmost importance paramount
Pageant VIP emcee
Performs does
Phony sort faker
Pie's place oven
Pig's place pen
Poker variety holdem
Printer insert cartridge
Private prayers devotions
Prone to pry nosy
Purviews realms
Quenched, as thirst slaked
Quick web ordering option oneclick
Raines of old films ella
Rear target in bowling tenpin
Rescue request sos
Retired NBA star Ming yao
Rich Italian ice cream gelato
Riverbed sand silt
Sci-fi writer Stephenson neal
Sensed feeling vibe
Shoe statistic width
Shower powders talcs
Skating legend Sonja henie
Some jeans lees
Some upscale hotels omnis
Son of Abraham isaac
Stocking-holding band garter
Suffix with duct or project ile
Swift fast
Thai's home asia
Throw softly lob
Time pieces? issues
Tip over upend
Top-caliber aone
Turtle topper shell
Ultrasecret govt. org nsa
URL lead-in http
Wallop slug
Water, to Henri eau
Where one lives: Abbr res
Wife of Abraham sarah
Winter fight projectile iceball
World Series org mlb
Writer Gay or editor Nan talese
Zest and Coast soaps
— Moines des
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