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Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Jul 30 2006

'-- bin ein Berliner' ICH
'-- for Cookie ('Sesame Street' song)' CIS
'Danke --!' SCHON
'Gigi' star Delorme DANIELE
'Go team!' RAH
'Green' prefix ECO
'Jack Sprat could -- fat ...' EATNO
'Splash' star Daryl HANNAH
'Tell Mama' singer James ETTA
'The Jewels of -- Kent' (Judith Krantz novel) TESSA
-- -mo SLO
-- artery (aorta offshoot) ILIAC
-- Beecher Stowe HARRIET
-- steady basis ONA
Abbr. at JFK ETA
African country MALI
Air on the tube TELECAST
Al -- (group founded by Arafat) FATAH
Al or Tipper GORE
Along the coast ONSHORE
Amherst sch. UMASS
Archipelago units ISLES
Audible breath SIGH
Aunt in 'Oklahoma!' ELLER
Available ONTAP
Balm target LIP
Be furious SEETHE
Big lizard IGUANA
Bopping on the head BEANING
Bullfight cry OLE
Bustling ASTIR
Called up RANG
Cartoonist Keane BIL
Cheri of 'Saturday Night Live' OTERI
Chin feature CLEFT
Churn up AGITATE
Close or Clapton ERIC
Contented sounds AHS
Cpl., e.g. NCO
Crosses paths with MEETS
De -- (afresh) NOVO
Director Joel or Ethan COEN
Disney dwarf DOPEY
Diving duck SMEW
Dr. Seuss' 'Hop --' ONPOP
Draft drinks ALES
Evening, on a marquee NITE
Evidence of sunbathing TANLINE
Excessive enthusiasm MANIA
Fabled bird ROC
Fertilize, in a way POLLINATE
Film again RESHOOT
German auto make OPEL
Greets HAILS
Guevara called 'Che' ERNESTO
Hair dressings POMADES
Highway rig SEMI
Himalayan peak EVEREST
Ill will SPITE
Inclining ATILT
Insolence SASS
Involves necessarily ENTAILS
Iris-family flower FREESIA
It's levied on a legacy ESTATETAX
Journals DIARIES
Large ducks EIDERS
Lash of old westerns LARUE
Like an idol ICONIC
Like some old alphabet characters RUNIC
List-ending Lat. phrase ETAL
lllusions at a gallery OPART
Location SITE
Looks forward to EXPECTS
Lot's uncle ABRAHAM
Lovers' deity EROS
Low-voiced singer BASSO
Make cloudy BLEAR
Manicurist's focus NAILS
Marine flora ALGAE
Motorist's org. AAA
Mullally of 'Will & Grace' MEGAN
Nero's 541 DXLI
Not mortal, as a sin VENIAL
Not performed, as a play UNACTED
Peel, as a potato PARE
Philbin co-host Kelly RIPA
Physicist Nikola TESLA
Pig sound SNORT
Point -- return OFNO
Prescription hypertension medication LASIX
Queen of -- (tester of Solomon) SHEBA
Queens section ASTORIA
Rodeo horse, briefly BRONC
Rubbish DROSS
Rubbish TRIPE
Sam of 'Jurassic Park' NEILL
See 86-Across TORIO
Shipping route SEALANE
Singer Morissette ALANIS
Slightly aged OLDISH
Smell like a dog SNIFF
Softens EASES
Some poems ODES
Spy Mata -- HARI
Storklike bird IBIS
Study of civil wrongs TORTLAW
Surgery site, briefly THEOR
Surrounded GIRT
Synagogue official RABBI
Take wing FLY
Teatro -- Scala ALLA
Tell a fib LIE
Ten-sided figure DECAGON
The 'S' of CBS: Abbr. SYS
Thing of the past RELIC
Threesomes TRIOS
Tidings NEWS
Toast topper OLEO
Toronto Maple -- LEAFS
Two-edged sword RAPIER
Units of luminous intensity CANDELAS
Upscale German car BMW
Weight displayer SCALE
Window covering SHADE
With 65-Down, Peter Allen's signature song IGO
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