How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Jul 23 2006

'-- Gang' OUR
'-- it goes' ANDSO
'-- Kapital' DAS
'-- So Shy' HES
'Are you looking --?' ATME
'Garfield' gal pal ARLENE
'No one -- blame' ISTO
'Sands of Iwo Jima' director Allan DWAN
'Sure!' YES
'The -- Innocence' AGEOF
-- -friendly ECO
-- acid AMINO
-- kwon do TAE
--'wester (oilskin slicker) SOU
1953 Clark Gable film MOGAMBO
1986-94 NBC drama LALAW
A pop EACH
Actor McShane IAN
Adored one IDOL
Amtrak's fast train ACELA
Art of horse training DRESSAGE
Articulate SAY
At an end OVER
Behave ACT
Big bash GALA
Big enough for a pair of vehicles TWOCAR
BlackBerry or Palm Pilot, briefly PDA
Bohemian ARTY
Breakout LAM
Canine that lives in the West? FOXIDENTAL
Cell stuff RNA
Cervine's Walkman hookups? DEERPHONES
Col. Sanders' chain KFC
Cornell locale ITHACA
Creed opener IBELIEVE
Cropland unit ACRE
Dangerous fly TSETSE
Defendant's plea, briefly NOLO
Diminish EBB
Director Howard RON
Drag driver ROADRACER
Easy gaits LOPES
Easy win ROMP
Eden resident EVE
Ellipse part ARC
Emergency room stats VITALS
Expenditure OUTGO
Falsification LIE
Feline's state of mind? CATTITUDE
Fish that designs buildings? SHARKITECT
Fleecy male RAM
Focus intently (on) FIXATE
Fowl's attempt? HENDEAVOR
Frat letter ETA
From head -- TOTOE
Handouts ALMS
Hawaiian singer DONHO
Healing org. AMA
Home to St. Teresa AVILA
Homeric EPIC
How a theory may be presented ASFACT
Hunky guy STUD
Hush-hush gp. NSA
Impairing MARRING
In the sickroom ILL
Insolent BRASSY
Intent AIM
Intent look GAZE
It might be proper NOUN
Italian wine region ASTI
Jean -- (big name in fragrances) PATOU
JFK abbr. ARR
John of 'Monty Python' CLEESE
Justice agcy. ATF
Lab gelatin AGAR
Lacks entity ISNT
Lizard's heart chart? GECKOCARDIOGRAM
Mai -- TAI
Make a mummy of EMBALM
Mama's boy on 'Mama's Family' VINT
Manhattan sch. NYU
Medicine man SHAMAN
Miserable soul WRETCH
Molar or incisor, e.g. TOOTH
Mothers MAS
Ms. Peron EVITA
Muscat resident OMANI
Name of five popes CELESTINE
National capital teeming with rodents? HAMSTERDAM
National park in California YOSEMITE
Nero's 1,550 MDL
Novelist Anais NIN
Ogler EYER
Open -- of worms ACAN
Overblown speech BOMBAST
Paddle SPANK
PC 'oops' key ESC
Pea, e.g. LEGUME
People who give a hoot CARERS
Perched on ATOP
Places for rabbits to take off? HAREPORTS
Plus more: Abbr. ETC
Popeye's Olive -- OYL
Praises for a wild dog? JACKALADES
Preschooler TOT
Prima ballerina ETOILE
Ravel opus BOLERO
Reason for a primate to dial 911? LEMURGENCY
Recorder of how far an amphibian travels? TOADOMETER
Requiring overtime INATIE
Ruminant that's a musical prodigy? LLAMADEUS
Samples DEMOS
Sea arm between cliffs FJORD
Seer's gift ESP
Shih -- TZU
Ship, e.g. VESSEL
Shopper's heaven MALL
Short flight HOP
Short note MEMO
Singer Petty TOM
Sleeping abed INTHEHAY
Small dog PUG
Snaky fish EEL
Some Surrealist paintings DALIS
Spring mo. APR
Stands at the side of FLANKS
Sty cries OINKS
Suffix with human OID
Take -- (travel) ATRIP
Take it easy REST
Tense, with 'up' KEYED
Three, in Rome TRE
To no -- (useless) AVAIL
Tofu source SOY
Toll hwy. TNPK
Trombone part SLIDE
Uncle Remus title BRER
Unhappy SAD
Uninformed swine? PIGNORAMUS
Upper limb ARM
Wallop PASTE
Woolen cap TAM
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