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'Boo- —!' ('All right!') yah
'Chill out!' coolit
'How did — this happen?' ilet
'I, Claudius' star Derek jacobi
'Sometimes you feel like —' anut
'Sorry, already have plans' icant
'Sure,' in Soissons oui
12:00, half of the time noon
35mm camera type slr
Abbr. on a food carton ntwt
Above, in verse oer
Acting signal cue
Actor Dafoe willem
Added wing ell
Admits guilt, with 'up' fesses
Alcatraz Island locale, for short sfbay
Amply skilled able
Aunt's spouse, in Paris oncle
B-ball official ref
Be short with snapat
Belief in a national power structure establishmentarianism
Big pianos grands
Bit of land in l'oceano isola
Blarney Stone's land eire
Bordered on abutted
Bullfight yell ole
Cantina snacks tacos
Canyon comebacks echoes
China's Zhou enlai
City in Illinois peoria
Clip out, as a coupon scissor
Clipper, e.g ship
Close by nigh
Coiled wound
Concerning the effects of drugs on the mind psychopharmacological
Cookie for 100+ years oreo
Country crooner Randy travis
Crew tool oar
Curved path arc
Days before holidays eves
Ear, nose and throat doctor otorhinolaryngologist
Eastern spiritual path tao
ER hookups ivs
Escalate grow
Fashionable Christian dior
Fast Amtrak service acela
Fire output heat
Fist bump, colloquially dap
Fixin' to gonna
Fla. Gulf city stpete
Flinch in fear recoil
Fluffy floor-cleaning tool dustmop
Gazpacho, e.g., in Spanish sopa
Get moving scoot
Gorged on ate
He's a doll ken
Heaps alot
High-pH substance alkali
Imply in its definition connote
In addition to ontopof
In smart garb natty
Info-filled newsy
Jogged trotted
Kevin of 'Aliens in the Attic' nealon
Kobe of hoops bryant
Land, in Italy terra
Lid cover
Like mystical practices occult
Like one of a battery's terminals anodic
Links gp pga
Longtime Honda model civic
Machine for a brain test electroencephalograph
Maestro — -Pekka Salonen esa
Magical glow aura
Maytag products dryers
Mickey's dog pluto
Mil. officer ens
Mink relative otter
Moo goo — pan gai
Most baggy loosest
Mother of Don Juan inez
Nation south of Sicily malta
Oaths curses
Obstruct impede
Official endorsement via an amendment, say constitutionalization
Old compact Kia model sephia
Org. for tooth drillers ada
Ornamental hairnets snoods
Pact among nations entente
Pal of Piglet roo
Pal, in Nice ami
Palme — (film award) dor
PC-to-PC letters emails
Pointy part of Mr. Spock ear
Port southeast of Roma napoli
Precept rule
Quality among identical things indistinguishableness
Raincoat material oilskin
Rises stands
Rock or jazz music
Rocker Ted nugent
Roman 901 cmi
Ruby or onyx gem
Salon goop gel
Salsa singer Cruz celia
Savings acct. addition int
Shelling out paying
Short comic sketch skit
Skipped out (on) bailed
Sneak off to say 'I do' elope
South, in Spanish sur
Sprightly agile
Squid feature tentacle
Stop nursing wean
Street — (popular acceptance) cred
Stuff in some viral genes rna
Stuffing herb sage
Subjective paper pieces opeds
Suffix with host or lion ess
Suitemates, say roomies
Swift rapid
Swiss city on Lake Geneva lausanne
Talisman amulet
Taunts in fun twits
Thanksgiving staple yam
Thanksgiving staple pie
That girl's hers
The same: Prefix iso
They can't be taught new tricks, in a saying olddogs
TV's Griffin merv
Ultimate purpose endall
Unified asone
Video file format, in brief mpeg
Walking aid cane
Wrestling win pin
Yeshiva student, e.g jew
— Carlo monte
— Pointe, Michigan grosse
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