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& so forth etc
'-- -La-La' (Al Green hit) sha
'-- be an honor' itd
'Easy there!' whoa
'Golly!' gee
'Life of Pi' director Lee ang
'Psst' cousin ahem
'The lady -- protest ...' doth
-- B'rith bnai
-- glance ata
-- Palmas las
1970 hit by the Kinks lola
A.J. of auto racing foyt
Actor Davis ossie
Actor Delon alain
Actor Fonda henry
All fired up amped
Alway eer
American hwys usroutes
And also
Ark.-to-Ill. dir nne
Attach a certain package covering to a corkboard? pinbrownwrapper
Auditoriums halls
Be incorrect err
Beer and tea brews
Beige-like ecru
Big head ego
Big name in skin care nivea
Bill the -- (comics character) cat
Billy the -- (outlaw) kid
Bit of a chill nip
Born earlier elder
Bucolic rural
Camera type, in brief slr
Cause of a stuffy nose headcold
Center or Pen lead-in epi
Chorus voice alto
Chuck of NBC News todd
Claims on homes, say liens
Commits in confidence entrusts
Create the wax figure of the Police's frontman? makeastingimpression
Daisy's kin aster
Dancer's handrail barre
Diner dispenser urn
Dinero dispenser atm
Dismal dreary
Dole out allot
Dressed (in) clad
Farewells, in French adieux
Feudal lords' estates fiefs
Film director Christopher nolan
Folk tales lore
Fuel brand up north esso
Gene stuff rna
Get aligned orient
GI tour gp uso
Glass plate pane
Gussy up adorn
Hairless inmates in an old English prison? thebaldofreadinggaol
Highway bridge overpass
Hot pepper variety habanero
Hotshot ace
Hotshot mrbig
Hydrocarbon ending ene
Imprint stamp
In a lax way loosely
Interloped imposed
Juan's 'this' esta
Kay-em link ell
Kin of Ltd inc
Lad boy
Larder pantry
Lawn turf sod
Like prisons penal
Linda in 1998 news tripp
Mailed item containing a bill from a nail salon? manienvelope
Many '90s music sales cds
Many an heir son
Mexican flower dahlia
Mon. follower tue
Most minuscule tiniest
Most orderly neatest
Motor noises hums
Mountains between France and Spain pyrenees
MPG org epa
Navigate guide
NSFW part not
Old writing scroll papyrus
On the safe side, at sea alee
Opera part aria
Opera part act
Org. for 68-Down nfl
Painter Watteau antoine
Paquin of 'True Blood' anna
Pelvic bone ilium
Port-au-Prince's land haiti
Product for scrubbing your noggin? patecleanser
QED part erat
Quarterback great Joe namath
Rains heavily pours
Reach getto
Related to the kidneys renal
Replies to irritably snapsat
Restricted-access computer linkup intranet
Riatas, e.g ropes
River of myth styx
Ruhr city essen
Salty waters sea
Sci-fi craft ufo
Scrams vamooses
See 27-Across ales
SFO guess eta
Singer Day doris
Sis, e.g sib
Skillet, say pan
Skywalker's mentor yoda
Slightly alittle
Speed at which a Roman emperor walks? caesarspace
Spicy stew that's so thick it takes more than two people to stir it? fivearmchili
Step into enter
Sticky sealer tar
Subjective newspaper section opedpage
Suffix with Nepal ese
Suffix with salt ine
Suffix with Tokyo ite
SUV biggie gmc
Sweetums dear
Sweetums luv
Tahiti, e.g isle
Taking a long time to grow, just like some velvety plants do? slowasmosses
Teachers' gp nea
Theater mogul Marcus loew
Trauma-trained pro emt
Tyke, in Baja nino
Up to, in brief til
Verdi's 'very' assai
Very mad irate
Wash lightly in advance prerinse
Weaken sap
William Howard -- taft
With 75-Down, light-colored pub drinks pale
Work fill-ins temps
Wound protector that causes sorrow? saddressing
Writer Harte bret
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