How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Aug 05 2018

'-- fair in love and war' alls
'Come Back, Little --' sheba
'Perfect Strangers' co-star Mark -- -Baker linn
'Silent' prez cal
'That's --!' ('Not true!') alie
'Tristram Shandy' novelist Laurence sterne
* 'High gravity' lager brand steelreserve
* 'The Good Body' playwright eveensler
* Actor who played Hercules in 1958 stevereeves
* Fitted forearm cover sleevelet
* He played Uncle Leo on 'Seinfeld' lenlesser
* Home to Nashville tennessee
* Horizontal supporting piece on a ship's lower mast trestletree
* Not even a single time neverever
* Short-pile cotton fabric velveteen
* Tense situations make them rise stresslevels
* The answers to the starred clues are all drawn from a certain set of them sevenletters
* Unease restlessness
-- Alamos los
-- four (little cake) petit
-- populi vox
13th-century German king ottoiv
Accord unity
Actor Burton levar
Actor Diesel vin
Actor/singer Gordon macrae
Actress Feldshuh tovah
Actress Skye ione
Actress Woodard alfre
Asia's -- Sea aral
Assembles meets
At odds with against
Author Welty eudora
Be nuts over adore
Biology slide specimen amoeba
Bit of a song's words lyric
Boston ball team redsox
Bring joy to elate
Busy as -- abee
Butter substitutes oleos
Cen. parts yrs
Census stat sex
Come forth emerge
Cooped (up) pent
Corn piece kernel
Cotillion star deb
Deliberately disregarding deafto
Denials nos
Dir. opposite NNW sse
Duke, e.g title
End in -- (finish evenly) atie
ER staffers mds
Filling dishes entrees
First-class topgrade
Fourth mo apr
Gallery work art
Get points score
Gives off emits
Golden -- (retirees) agers
Gymnast's landing pad mat
Hawaiian state bird nene
Husband of Héloïse abelard
Identical same
Improvise jazz-style vamp
Inc. article subjs cos
Incident event
Instruments of angels harps
Kagan of the court elena
King's home castle
Kitchen cover-up apron
Leaves off omits
Left amazed awed
Legal aide, for short para
Like 'm' and 'n' sounds nasal
Like Peru's peaks andean
Live through undergo
Luau guitar, informally uke
Lure attract
Made angry riled
Mauna -- loa
Misfortunes ills
NBC hit since '75 snl
NFL stats tds
Noble's crown coronet
Not as hard easier
Not crooked unbent
Nuclear trial, in brief atest
Nuptial lead-in pre
Oath takers vowers
Off-road bike, in brief atv
Omegas' preceders psis
One running easily loper
Outdated TV hookup vcr
Outer limit edge
Outer limit end
Part of BMI mass
Part of TMI too
Pharmacy chain cvs
Phillips -- Academy exeter
Pink Floyd's Barrett syd
Pipe part stem
Place in a row lineup
Pluses assets
Prefix with hazard bio
Prefix with hazard eco
Punta del --, Uruguay este
Push along urge
Push away alienate
Questioning intensely grilling
Rebelled revolted
Redding of R&B otis
Religious adherent votary
Relish savor
Roof overhangs eaves
Sammy of baseball sosa
Sasha Obama's sis malia
Scoundrel louse
Show plainly evince
Snaky curves esses
Solidified hardened
Some deer roes
Source of some syrup maplesap
Squalid district slum
Strauss one-act opera salome
Suffix with phenyl ene
Summer, to the French ete
Tattered torn
The 'S' of RSVP sil
Think up ideate
Tournament sit-outs byes
Troubadour relative minstrel
Twisting fish eels
U.S. 'Uncle' sam
U.S. Open airer espn
Unit of work erg
Waistcoat vest
Wobble teeter
Woman's office outfit pantsuit
Writer Wiesel elie
Zellweger of films renee
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