How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Apr 28 2019

'Darn it!' drat
'Hel-l-lp!' sos
'I did it!' tada
'Just Shoot Me!' actor George segal
'Take that!' hah
'That being the case ...' assuch
1960s radical Hoffman abbie
34th prez ike
Altar avowal ido
Apple's apple, e.g logo
Bait entrap
Basil-based sauce pesto
Beau — geste
Befogged atsea
Borgnine of 'Marty' ernest
Boy, in Bolivia nino
Bridle part rein
Bruins' org nhl
Buck mate doe
Buddy from way back oldpal
Buy that can be deleted app
Cabbie's query whereto
Chevy debut of 2004 aveo
Church part near the altar chancel
Clings (to) holds
Comic Boosler elayne
Conducts leads
Cookbook writer Rombauer irma
Copies a cat meows
Court king Arthur ashe
Cry of cheer rah
Cry of delight ooh
Debonair suave
Deeds acts
Divided into segments partite
Doctrine in copyright law fairuse
Doughnut-shaped figure toroid
DVR pioneer tivo
End of the riddle entiredayshaveelapsed
Familial fight feud
Family on 'Married ... With Children' bundys
FDR's dog fala
February 14 deity eros
Fig and fir trees
Finish endup
Fishing nets seines
Flashy Chevy, for short vette
Foster rear
Foxy sly
Foyer floor protectors mats
Goldman's partner sachs
Got close to neared
Grammy winner Tony bennett
Griffin who created 'Jeopardy!' merv
Grouchy Muppet oscar
Group in a roundup herd
Grows older ages
Harmonious intune
Hawk's nest aerie
Helmsley with hotels leona
Hoists raises
Hosp. section icu
Hostess in a kimono geisha
Huge hauler semi
Hunt for food forage
In re asto
Investment bigwig Charles schwab
Jacket part sleeve
Japanese soup variety miso
Kin of -ess ette
Lay in concealment lurked
Leg up edge
Like a prof. emeritus ret
Linking word in Leipzig und
Little kid rugrat
Miner's strike lode
Miss.-to-Minn. dir nnw
Mistreating type abuser
More packed denser
More tender achier
Most eccentric oddest
Mourner of myth niobe
Mr. —! (old detective game) ree
Of a big blood vessel aortic
Of a central point nodal
Old Tokyo edo
Old-style office scribe steno
Openers of many locks passkeys
Overdue late
Part of OTB track
Pastry variety danish
Perform wonderfully excel
Personal identifiers names
Physician, often healer
Pieces of gig gear amps
Pin it on blame
Plotting group cabal
Pop singer Grande, to fans ari
Pop's Carly — Jepsen rae
Priest's assistant deacon
Proficient able
Prop- or hex- ender ane
Provoke arouse
Prune pare
Rack up incur
Rebuke to Brutus ettu
Relinquish cede
Riddle's answer wholeweekbread
Riddle, part 2 callabakedproductthat
Riddle, part 3 doesnotevenbeginto
Riddle, part 4 getstaleuntilseven
Roadhouse motel
Roll call reply here
Sci-fi power esp
See 31-Across test
Shoot down nix
Shooting marble taw
Snow queen in 'Frozen' elsa
Sobbing intears
Some watch displays, for short leds
Start of a riddle whatshouldthey
Starts a PC session logsin
State frankly avow
Stomped on trampled
Sweaty, say wet
Texas city elpaso
The younger Saarinen eero
The, in Vienna der
Threw the dice rolled
Took pains strove
Tribal emblems totems
University of — Dame notre
Unruffled sedate
URL part www
Vacillated wavered
Weds on the fly elopes
Wind section player oboist
Wise truism adage
With 110-Down, decisive trial acid
— -Grape (Ocean Spray flavor) cran
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