How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Oct 25 2005

"1984" author ORWELL
"At last, the weekend!" TGIF
"Deadwood" network HBO
"Fiddler" matchmaker YENTE
"The Blackboard Jungle" author Hunter EVAN
"__ I say, not ..." DOAS
"__ Love Her" ANDI
1/1000 of a kilo GRAM
Acapulco gold ORO
ACLU issues RTS
Actress Lucy LIU
American and Swiss CHEESES
Atop, poetically OER
Azerbaijan's capital BAKU
Banishes OUSTS
Basic dance TWOSTEP
Bit of bad advice BUMSTEER
Bit of work ERG
Blizzard, e.g. STORM
Bob Fosse forte DANCE
Break bread EAT
Carter or Clinton: Abbr. DEM
Cookbook writer Rombauer IRMA
Corn holders COBS
Crop threatener DROUGHT
Dot-matrix image BITMAP
Draft drink ALE
Emmy-winning sportscaster Bob COSTAS
Eye with awe GAPEAT
Fall tool RAKE
Fateful day for Caesar IDES
Fingerprint, say CLUE
From __ Z ATO
Game using string CATSCRADLE
GI address APO
Glib pitches SPIELS
God of war ARES
God with a bow EROS
Gordon Gekko's motto in "Wall Street" GREEDISGOOD
GPA booster EASYA
H, to Greeks ETA
Hall of Famer Warren SPAHN
Have a fever AIL
High-speed connection, for short DSL
Ideally ATBEST
It's a crowd, so they say THREE
Job particular, briefly SPEC
Modern flier's convenience ETICKET
N.Y. Yanks rival BOSOX
Natural hist. museum attraction TREX
Not be an outcast FITIN
Oft-numbered roads STREETS
Oz. and oz. LBS
Palme __: Cannes award DOR
Part of a "Hollywood Squares" winner TAC
Part of USNA: Abbr. NAV
Pioneering computer ENIAC
Play-of-color gemstone OPAL
Poetic tributes ODES
Proactive slogan TALKISCHEAP
Raimi horror film, with "The" EVILDEAD
Romantic saying LOVEISBLIND
Sault __ Marie STE
Simpson girl LISA
Sprays the flowers MISTS
Tarzan creator's monogram ERB
The "veni" in "Veni, vidi, vici" ICAME
Theater award OBIE
They incite responses STIMULI
Thieves' hideout DEN
Tom, Dick and Harry MEN
Touch on ABUT
Turn red, as a tomato RIPEN
U.K. record label EMI
Wield PLY
Workplace metaphor TIMEISMONEY
Writer's greatest work MAGNUMOPUS
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