How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Mar 19 2017

"Erie Canal" mule SAL
"That's enough!" CANIT
"The Wrong Sort of Bees" author MILNE
"This comes __ surprise" ASNO
"You __": Lionel Richie hit ARE
"__ Not Easy Being Green" ITS
'70s extremist gp SLA
1921 Valentino role SHEIK
1958 hit that won the first Song of the Year Grammy VOLARE
Ab __: from the start INITIO
Affectionate FOND
Author Morrison TONI
Baklava sweetener HONEY
Bar game LIMBO
Bed cover DUVET
Ben and Sam UNCLES
Bening of "The Kids Are All Right" ANNETTE
Boast opener VENI
Books with legends ATLASES
Bountiful locale UTAH
Breastbones STERNA
Bump-log link ONA
Burger successor REHNQUIST
Cellphone setting VIBRATE
Chihuahua neighbor SONORA
Chilean pronoun ESO
Clarifying words ASIN
Combine POOL
Comic strip mother of Hamlet and Honi HELGA
Cool play area, maybe RINK
Corp. raider's ploy LBO
Cruised through ACED
Departure notice? OBIT
Description of the start of some Road Runner cartoons? ALONGCAMEABIRD
Devastating 2008 hurricane IKE
Distinctive flavor TANG
Downed ATE
Emulated Arachne WOVE
Et __ ALII
European peak ALP
Feudal peasant SERF
First book of the New Testament MATTHEW
Flakes in geology class MICA
Foot bone TALUS
Fox's fabled flattery victim CROW
Frequent mother-and-child painter CASSATT
Gathered steam GREW
Glade targets ODORS
Graceful leap AXEL
Graceful leap JETE
Green Hornet's driver KATO
Hall of Fame WNBA star __ Leslie LISA
Housekeeping concern LINENS
Humor that evokes winces CORN
In the stars FATED
Italian sparkler ASTI
Jackie's designer OLEG
Joint for jumping KNEE
Kitchen extension? ETTE
Lang. of Luther GER
Language that gave us "bard" ERSE
Large septet SEAS
Last verb in the Gettysburg Address PERISH
Lead singer on "The Joshua Tree" BONO
Leave in the garage PARK
Left the ground ROSE
Level TIER
Like details you'd rather be spared GORY
Line that might not calm down Richard III? DONTHAVEAHORSE
Magazine founder Eric UTNE
Make anew, as a trench REDIG
Maui music makers UKES
Maximilian I's realm: Abbr HRE
Middle of England? CENTRE
Middle X, in a game TAC
Muslim spirit DJINN
Myrtle or hazel TREE
Mystery author Grafton SUE
Nantes negative NON
Nibbles on Friskies? EATSLIKEACAT
Non-discriminatory hiring abbr EOE
Not a copy: Abbr ORIG
Not let go of BELABOR
Ones seeking change ACTIVISTS
Pamplona's kingdom NAVARRE
Pickup artists? CABS
Pink-slip AXE
Planning session input IDEA
Playwright Moss HART
Plymouth Reliant, e.g KCAR
Port-au-Prince pal AMI
Poses ASKS
Positive words AYES
Postulates SAYS
Practice good web courtesy? NOTHURTASPIDER
Proof-ending abbr QED
Puts up ERECTS
Record, in a way TIVO
Reel partner ROD
Remove from the box UNCRATE
Rock band member BASSIST
Roman wings ALAE
Russian Civil War fighter COSSACK
Savings plan letters IRA
Scads ATON
Seconds MORE
See 84-Down AVE
Shipping deduction TARE
Shocking LURID
Sicilian province or its capital ENNA
Sitcom with the episode "Stable for Three" MRED
Small detail MINUTIA
Snack cake that can be deep-fried TWINKIE
Snugly situated NESTLED
Song that inspired this puzzle IKNOWANOLDLADY
Soul seller KIA
Spanish cathedral city LEON
Supreme Roman EMPEROR
Surrey neighbor KENT
The __: Horace works ODES
Thing to do TASK
Threw in ADDED
Tobacco plug CHAW
Tool for Cinderella MOP
Treatment for a milk hangover? HAIROFTHECOW
Trick ending? ERY
Turkish coin LIRA
Warehouse job RECEIVING
Warning for a snoopy Snoopy? CURIOSITYKILLEDTHEDOG
Wasn't plumb LEANED
With 92-Down, Monopoly prop. bordering the Electric Company STATES
With merchandise, say, as payments INKIND
Word with musical or muscle TONE
Yawner DRAG
__ Moines DES
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