How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Mar 08 2015

"Beau __" GESTE
"Don't go yet" NOWAIT
"Friendly Skies" co UAL
"Give Peace a Chance" co-writer, per Lennon ONO
"Gravity" effect ZEROG
"Idol" judge, familiarly JLO
"Mr. Pim Passes By" playwright MILNE
"Shaq Diesel" rapper ONEAL
"Thank Heaven for Little Girls" musical GIGI
"Unleaded" drink DECAF
"We are __ stuff / As dreams are made on": Prospero SUCH
"What do we have here?!" OHO
"__ of robins ..." ANEST
*Come (to), more or less AVERAGEOUT
*Subject of lengthy debate AGEOLDQUESTION
*Sulu, for one BRIDGEOFFICER
*Trial movement CHANGEOFVENUE
*Union proposal? MARRIAGEOFFER
2014 World Cup site BRAZIL
6-Across takers, e.g TESTEES
70-Across function STORAGE
Aboriginal emblems TOTEMS
Adjust, as a spreadsheet RESIZE
Admission of error IGOOFED
Bearing a grudge SORE
Biblical shepherd ABEL
Blakley of "Nashville" RONEE
Bleu shade AZUR
Canonized fifth-cen. pope STLEO
Cedar Rapids college COE
Central opening? CEE
Chief Powhatan's son-in-law ROLFE
Colonial story ATTIC
Comedian Howard with a bowl-cut hair style MOE
Comic strip about a high schooler ZITS
Company VIP PREZ
Complains SQUAWKS
Digs for bats ROOSTS
Diminished LESSENED
Duel precursor, perhaps FEUD
E Street Band guitarist Lofgren NILS
Emphatic type: Abbr ITAL
Facility EASE
Fairy tale start ONCE
Fallon's predecessor LENO
FEMA concern EVAC
Fit to __ ATEE
Flounder, e.g FISH
Former Mideast org UAR
Former red state: Abbr SSR
Fountain order SODA
Freud contemporary ADLER
Fundamental BASAL
Future MD's exam MCAT
Guiding doctrines IDEOLOGIES
Head up, in a way CLIMB
Heron relative EGRET
Hide-and-seek activity utilizing GPS ... and what is literally done in the answers to starred clues GEOCACHING
Holds tight CLINGS
Honored GRACED
IMO, in "Hamlet" METHINKS
In __ of: replacing LIEU
Jar Jar Binks' home planet NABOO
K-5 or K-6: Abbr ELEM
L-__: Parkinson's treatment DOPA
Lamentable TRAGIC
Lee __, first African-American to play in the Masters ELDER
Left, in slang BLEW
Like many old soaps LIVE
Like the bell of a trumpet FLARED
Like the town in a Ricky Nelson hit LONESOME
Line partitions: Abbr SEGS
London borough SUTTON
Magic charms MOJOS
Many a worm BORER
Medical co. in the DJIA JANDJ
Metal-threaded fabrics LAMES
Mil. base drillers SGTS
Mooch BEG
Move on LETGO
Musical highlight ARIA
Network with a three-box logo BBC
Neuter, as horses GELD
Nicholas and Alexander TSARS
Noodle NOB
Observation platform ROOFDECK
Observed SAW
Observes BEHOLDS
Of no consequence MOOT
Offer to a guest CHAIR
Old "Oyez!" shouters CRIERS
Old TV host with an accordion WELK
One on the trail HIKER
Opposite of a pan RAVE
Pick-me-up pill NODOZ
Pity-evoking quality PATHOS
Poetic time MORN
Puts in, as a political office ELECTSTO
Ran, old-style HIED
Regarding INRE
Reproductive cell OVUM
Road alert BEEP
Sawbuck TENNER
Scorch CHAR
Scroll key PAGEDOWN
Sexy, in a way SEETHRU
Short-cut pasta ORZO
Sign of approval NOD
Signed off on OKD
Small application DAB
Soft-wool sources MERINOS
South Korean sportswear company FILA
Spare tyre sites BOOTS
Sports legend of 5-Down PELE
St. Patrick's land ERIN
Staff sequence EGBDF
Standing tall ERECT
Starlike ASTRAL
State in northeast India ASSAM
Swipe from ROB
Taper off WANE
Tops, slangily DABOMB
Tot's piggy TOE
Turner and others IKES
Twistable treat OREO
Versailles assembly SENAT
Was duly humiliated ATECROW
Well beyond one's prime LATEINLIFE
Where lines may be read PALM
Whip handle CROP
Windy City hub OHARE
Word with waffle or sugar CONE
__ benefit FRINGE
__ Criss, who plays Blaine on "Glee" DARREN
__ Fáil: Irish "stone of destiny" LIA
__-Croatian language SERBO
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