How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Mar 05 2017

"A Streetcar Named Desire" wife STELLA
"Diana" singer ANKA
"Moonstruck" Oscar winner CHER
"Not __ long shot" BYA
"Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats" monogram TSE
"On Narcissism" author FREUD
"Red Balloon" painter KLEE
"Sweet as apple cider" girl of song IDA
"The Name of the Rose" actor Christian SLATER
"What's the __?" USE
"Yeah, right!" ASIF
"__ piece of the rock": Prudential slogan OWNA
'40s-'50s pitcher Maglie SAL
(Has) come down with something TAKENILL
1956 Triple Crown winner MANTLE
Academic security TENURE
American sparrow relative TOWHEE
Annoying situation HEADACHE
Apple core, for short? IOS
Approx. repair cost EST
Arch style OGEE
Art class subject NUDE
Asian New Year TET
Asian vine leaf BETEL
At center stage, literally THETHICKRIGHTOFTHINGS
Attempts STABS
Back again FRO
Blocker of "Bonanza" DAN
Bridge position EAST
Brooklyn Bridge seller, say SCAMMER
Bum __ STEER
Burnable media CDS
Byron's "before" ERE
Cadenza, e.g SOLO
Came down to earth ALIT
Chicago winter hrs CST
Chopin work POLONAISE
Citation and Corsair EDSELS
Collar NAB
Comes up short LOSES
CPO's org USN
Cricket club BAT
Degenerate from disuse ATROPHY
Elevator innovator OTIS
Elite group INS
Farm house dweller HEN
Fills with cigarette output, as a room SMOKESUP
Film watcher's channel TMC
First captain? NOAH
First name in fashion OLEG
Floor-length garment TOGA
For every one APOP
Gather REAP
German road BAHN
Get into shape, with "up" TONE
Heavy reading? TOME
High-__ TECH
Ideally ATBEST
Indian title of respect SRI
Inquisitor __ de Torquemada TOMAS
Iron-attracting magnetite LODESTONE
Is incapable of CANNOT
Johnny's 2014 Olympics figure skating co-commentator TARA
Kidney-related RENAL
Lao Tzu principle TAO
Linguist Chomsky NOAM
Links transport GOLFCART
Little helper? ASST
Logician Turing ALAN
Made out NECKED
Make a subtle exit SLIPOUT
Mark, for one GOSPEL
Milne character POOH
Movie role played by Skippy ASTA
Mythical flutist PAN
Nobel Peace Prize city OSLO
Nourishes FEEDS
Now and then, literally AONCEWHILE
Numskulls DOLTS
Office phone unit HANDSET
Oft-fried food POTATO
Oh so very TOOTOO
Pal of Pierre AMI
Pampering place SPA
Part of DMV: Abbr DEPT
Parts of kettles SPOUTS
Pay no admission price, literally FORGETFREE
Pic source NEG
Pond buildup ALGAE
Preferences TASTES
Primary MAIN
Release LETGO
Request reassignment, literally FORAPUTTRANSFER
Río contents AGUA
Rock's __ Lobos LOS
Rubs the wrong way CHAFES
Sambuca flavoring ANISE
San Diego player PADRE
Sass LIP
Sci-fi writer Frederik POHL
See 4-Down SPUD
Sentimental sounds AWS
Show up APPEAR
Skinny fish EELS
Smart Simpson LISA
Sound of a flop THUD
Soup bean LENTIL
Spirited mount STEED
Squealer RAT
Staff symbol REST
Start a pot ANTE
Start the day cheerfully, literally AGOODWAKEUPMOOD
Start to freeze? ANTI
Stinging rebuke, literally THESLAPFACE
Stir up FOMENT
Stocking shade ECRU
Subj. with x's ALG
Support for the sheriff POSSE
Surround ENFOLD
Suvari of "American Beauty" MENA
Swallow INGEST
Talk about incessantly HARPON
Tazo offerings TEAS
Tinker Bell's creator BARRIE
Toddler's outfit ONESIE
Together ASONE
Toon flapper Etta KETT
Track runner, to a tout NAG
Train station STOP
Two more than an eagle PAR
Vogue editor-in-chief Dame __ Wintour ANNA
Went lickety-split TORE
Withdraw by degrees WEAN
Withered SERE
Wood finisher? SHED
Word with hygiene or history ORAL
Yucky stuff GOOP
__ code AREA
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