How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Jun 24 2007

"Boohoo!" WOEISME
"Madame Bovary" author FLAUBERT
"Melrose Place" actor SHUE
1993 A.L. batting champ OLERUD
2002-03 Patty Duke role in "Oklahoma!" AUNTELLER
A Knute successor ARA
Abbr. that starts with a different letter than its word LBS
Accumulate SAVEUP
Alter SPAY
Alumni news word NEE
Arthur in a dress BEA
Aversions HATES
Balance __ BEAM
Banff's province ALBERTA
Bar order SHOT
Bard's "always" EER
Big spread, maybe EATS
Boxer Oscar __ Hoya DELA
Brunch cocktail MIMOSA
Bud holders? KEGS
Burn treatment ALOE
Cambodia's Lon __ NOL
Capital NNE of Pretoria HARARE
Center opening EPI
Cervical septet VERTEBRAE
China setting FAREAST
Chrysler building architect William van __ ALEN
City on Norton Sound NOME
Coffee order LATTE
Common city name ending HAM
Connected with TIEDTO
Connive SCHEME
Consumes HAS
Corny joke reaction GROAN
Course with gates SLALOM
Cuddle, in a way SPOON
Cut __: humble DOWNTOSIZE
Cut __: learn early about ONESTEETHON
Cut __: render ineffective THEHEARTOUTOF
Cut __: solve quickly THEGORDIANKNOT
Deprived BEREFT
Digitally recorded ONDISC
Discharge EGEST
Disquieting SINISTER
Down Under dame EDNA
Duck, e.g., briefly NHLER
Egyptian king of the dead OSIRIS
Embarrassed ILLATEASE
English astronomer-turned-architect WREN
Enlightened Buddhist ARHAT
Ernesto, familiarly CHE
Even if, for short ALTHO
Evidence-gathering facility DNALAB
Figured out GOT
Firm figure? CEO
Former Buick LESABRE
Fresh words SASS
Futurists SEERS
Gasteyer of "Saturday Night Live" ANA
Goes down SETS
Hang on to RETAIN
He edged Couples and Duval to win the 1998 Masters OMEARA
Help reconcile INTERCEDE
Heretofore ERENOW
Information units BITS
It's due when it's doubled UNO
Jacket type PEA
Joule fragments ERGS
Keep from happening THWART
Latvia et al., once: Abbr. SSRS
Leg bone neighbor ANKLE
LP link MNO
Lunar New Year TET
Main pronoun SHE
Makes out DOESOK
Making things vanish, say MAGIC
Malapropistic comic Norm CROSBY
Marquis de __ SADE
Meat serving CHOP
Meet event RACE
Modern art? ARE
N.L. West team, on scoreboards ARI
Network signal FEED
Nevada city that hosts the annual National Cowboy Poetry Gathering ELKO
Nightcap letters VSOP
Oberlin's state OHIO
Oilman Leon who once owned the New York Jets HESS
Old Opry network TNN
Oop's home MOO
Oregon mount HOOD
Part of a support group? BRA
Peter of reggae TOSH
Peter Pan, for one COLLAR
Philosopher Bentham JEREMY
Places to see "fwiw" and "btw" IMS
Pop singer Spector RONNIE
Rama IX subjects THAIS
Recovery clinic REHAB
Ring duos TAGTEAMS
Ring ploy FEINT
Road Runner's sound BEEP
Rocking chair sites VERANDAS
Roughly ORSO
Run __: be characteristic INTHEBLOOD
Run __: conform WITHTHEPACK
Sea cell BRIG
Ship that delivered the Statue of Liberty ISERE
Singer of the screen LORI
Sitar accompaniment TABLA
Site of the 1974 fight known as "The Rumble in the Jungle" ZAIRE
Skip, with "out" SIT
Slight ball contact, in billiards KISS
Small cyst WEN
Solvers' cries AHAS
Some MIT grads EES
Spanish cellist CASALS
Spill, with "out" BLURT
Stagehand GRIP
Stand for a chart EASEL
Stevedore's org. ILA
Suffix with go FER
Text publishing category ELHI
They're usually only known for their voices DJS
Tour end IST
Toy magnate __ Schwarz FAO
Tries to learn ASKS
Type of call: Abbr. CONF
Versailles verb ETRE
Victoria Island explorer RAE
Wife of Charlie OONA
Winter Olympics site after Lillehammer NAGANO
Work without __ ANET
Zhivago's love LARA
__ all possible IFAT
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