How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Aug 30 2015

"Children of the Poor" author RIIS
"El __ brujo": de Falla work AMOR
"Fore!" site TEE
"H" on a blue road sign: Abbr HOSP
"OMG ur 2 funny" LOL
"Our Gang" pooch PETEY
"The Age of Reason" writer PAINE
"There!" VOILA
"__: Cyber": 2015 spin-off CSI
1968 self-titled folk album ARLO
2000s sitcom set in Houston REBA
2003 NBA Rookie of the Year Stoudemire AMARE
911 situation: Abbr EMER
Actress Taylor LILI
Actress Vardalos et al NIAS
Ambiguous packing instructions? MANHANDLEWITHCARE
Ancient Aegean region IONIA
Arcade concern TILT
Artist Magritte RENE
Asian wrap SARI
Aslan's land NARNIA
Awareness-raising TV ads PSAS
Bar freebie NUTS
Big name in sports caps NEWERA
Block brand LEGO
Bouncy tune LILT
Breton or Gael CELT
California city with an annual classical music festival OJAI
Candidate who opposed NAFTA PEROT
Captain's direction ALEE
Cardiologist's concern AORTA
Cat Nation people ERIES
Chaucer works TALES
Civil civil servant? FRIENDLYFIREMAN
Come across as SEEM
Common way to swear SOLEMNLY
Completes DOES
Comply with MEET
Composer of six unaccompanied cello suites BACH
Cybersales ETAIL
D.C. team NATS
Dallas NBAer MAV
Dedicated lines ODE
Demolish, in Dover RASE
Desilu co-founder ARNAZ
Detailed, briefly THORO
Director's bane HAM
Double curve SSHAPE
Drummer Van Halen ALEX
Excessive flattery SMARM
Fade from sight EVANESCE
Fighting words ITSON
Flora and fauna BIOTA
Florida's __ City DADE
Foolhardy RASH
French 101 word ETRE
Fund-raising orgs PTAS
Game site ARENA
Gemini docking target AGENA
Get in a lather SOAPUP
Give up CEDE
Great quantity OCEAN
Hammered LIT
Hebrew for "skyward" ELAL
High spot CREST
Highly regarded groups ALISTS
Home to billions ASIA
Ian Fleming or James Bond ETONIAN
In a slothful way IDLY
Insignificant disruption BLIP
Introvert LONER
It may be grand THEFT
Like some consonants PALATAL
Make very thirsty PARCH
Med. research org NIMH
Mindful AWARE
Moan and groan CARP
Move very carefully INCH
Musical deficiency NOEAR
NCAA division CONF
NFL players, e.g MALES
No. preceded by a code TEL
Not even a little cool LAME
Not on edge ATEASE
Not yet visible LATENT
Novelist Hesse HERMANN
One concerned with rhythm POET
One Direction band member, e.g TEENIDOL
One whose citations are always on target? QUOTATIONMARKSMAN
Part of a beach house collection SHELL
Part of a familiar Latin sequence AMAS
Part of, plotwise INON
Partnership for Peace gp NATO
Past curfew LATE
Pathfinders and such NISSANS
Paving unit STONE
Phishing catch: Abbr SSN
Pub buy ALE
Put another hole in, as a keg RETAP
Rakes CADS
Relative position RANK
Researcher's reference ALMANAC
Resolve, with "out" IRON
Riga native, e.g BALT
River to the Strait of Tartary AMUR
Root beer that "has bite!" BARQS
Rope loop NOOSE
Salon service PEDI
Scout shirt feature EPAULET
Sensible SANE
Share with followers, in a way RETWEET
Show segment that included shots of New York City? LETTERMANOPENER
Shredder TEARER
Slightly cracked AJAR
Some Caltech grads EES
Some shooters, for short SLRS
Son of Zeus ARES
Spices (up) PEPS
Start to correct? AUTO
Stupefied INADAZE
Subject of passing concern? ESTATE
Tapered off ABATED
Those girls, in Guadalajara ELLAS
Toledo homes CASAS
Tree in a carol PEAR
Unheeding DEAF
Up-good connection TONO
Veg out LOLL
Waikiki wingdings LUAUS
What bar patrons may run ATAB
Where go-betweens learn their craft? MIDDLEMANSCHOOL
Where to see available courses MENU
Work force breakdown? MANPOWERFAILURE
Year in Sicily ANNO
__ de Louisiane ETAT
__ Palmas: Canary Islands port LAS
__ Tomé SAO
__ wrench ALLEN
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