How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Aug 23 2007

"Fabulous!" GREAT
"Madcap Maxie" of '30s boxing BAER
Auto on the autobahn OPEL
Away from the weather ALEE
Barrier at a zoo MOAT
Base force, briefly MPS
Beatle George's sitarist friend RAVI
Beyond the horizon AFAR
Cadillac Escalade, for one SUV
Center of Florida EPCOT
Computer filename extension EXE
Dinner twosome? ENS
Distort, as a news story SLANT
Dog in a horned helmet SNERT
Drink in a tasse CAFE
Dwelling ABODE
East ender? ERN
Encourage URGEON
Engine performance aid STP
Fairway bends DOGLEGS
Field: Prefix AGRO
First name in talk shows LEEZA
Fishing vessels TRAWLERS
Fruit named for its appearance UGLI
Garland __: former Texas music venue OPRY
Get a move on HIE
Guzzle CHUG
Hardly prevalent SPARSE
He sang about Alice ARLO
He succeeded Boutros KOFI
Hirsute Genesis character ESAU
Homer Simpson's dad ABE
Isn't right ERRS
It covers all the bases TARP
Link for opponents? VERSUS
Losing string OXO
Magical Hindu FAKIR
Malice VENOM
Mechanic's job TUNEUP
Mozart's "Idomeneo," e.g. OPERA
Mystery author Elizabeth PETERS
Nephew of 6-Down LEVI
New York's Tappan __ Bridge ZEE
Nocturnal acronym REM
Not so hot BLAH
Not-so-friendly look LEER
Out of the harbor ASEA
Pained reaction YELP
Personal preference, in e-mail slang FAV
Pinatubo output LAVA
Plant with stickers NETTLE
Posed again RESAT
Race place OVAL
Respond to cuteness MELT
Road crew equipment DOZER
Saarbrücken sir HERR
Scotch __ TAPE
Slow-motion discipline TAICHI
Snitch RAT
Something to prove THEOREM
Sporting, with "in" CLAD
Spot cousin FIDO
Stat for Greg Maddux ERA
Thou, now YOU
Time of action ZEROHOUR
Toy city block LEGO
Uncles and aunts KIN
Unoriginal one APER
Very early WEE
Weaving course SLALOM
Where to see stars MARQUEES
__-Tiki KON
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