How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Aug 21 2011

"... otherwise, you'll be sorry!" ORELSE
"Do I __ eat a peach?": Eliot DARETO
"Give it __!" AREST
"I get it," humorously AHSO
"Stand By Me" director REINER
"Woo-__!" HOO
"__ Magnifique": Porter tune CEST
"__ Peculiar Man": Paul Simon song AMOST
(In) partnership CAHOOTS
1990s-2000s Irish leader AHERN
Abbr. on outdated maps SSR
Actress Garr TERI
Actresses Gray and Moran ERINS
Allen wrench shape ELL
Alley boundaries GUTTERS
Ancient home of Parmenides ELEA
Arranged in sequence SERIATE
Aurora borealis region ARCTIC
Aviary sounds CHEEPS
Barely get the words out STAMMER
Barracks bigwig SARGE
Bay Area blues, briefly SFPD
Beaux-__: architectural style ARTS
Beethoven's "Pathétique," e.g. SONATA
Big name in Syrian politics ASSAD
Bob and flip DOS
Both of racing's Unsers ALS
Clear of vermin DERAT
Colored ring AREOLA
Colour suffix ISE
Danish fruit? PRUNE
Dead to the world ASLEEP
Directional finish ERN
Divided into districts ZONED
Dress with a flare ALINE
Drift ROVE
Eatery "just a half a mile from the railroad track" ALICES
Exercise wheel site CAGE
Feudal laborers SERFS
Fictional author of "The World According to Bensenhaver" TSGARP
First word in many addresses LADIES
Florentine evening SERA
Flow slowly SEEP
Fuel gas ETHANE
Future, for one TENSE
Garlicky spread AIOLI
Gave a whirl SPUN
Geppetto's goldfish CLEO
Give business to, as a café DINEAT
Give the go-ahead OKAY
Grimm heavy OGRE
Grounded flier SST
Gym unit REP
Has second thoughts about RUES
Hates the thought of DREADS
Hatha yoga posture ASANA
Having five sharps, musically INB
Hi, in Honduras HOLA
Hot months in Chile ENEROS
How a macro lens is used INCLOSE
If all goes wrong ATWORST
Immobilizes, as a perp TASES
Isn't anymore WAS
Iwo Jima figure MARINE
Japanese-American NISEI
Join the club ENROLL
Label founded in 1975 by Clive Davis ARISTA
Lack of sincerity GLIBNESS
Lacking integrity LOOSE
Largest African country ALGERIA
Like lungs LOBED
Longtime beer experiencing a 2000s resurgence PABST
Makes tracks HIES
Members of the flock EWES
Milky Way planet EARTH
No longer worth discussing MOOT
NYSE figure ARB
One with "Esq." on the door ATT
Opening stroke TEESHOT
Out of gas SPENT
Palate stimulus SAPOR
Parking area SPOT
Perfumed, as a chancel CENSED
Popular Nissan SENTRA
Popular tank fillers TETRAS
Private __ EYE
Pull out SECEDE
Put up a fight RESIST
Rainy day brand TOTES
React to humidity, in a way DROOP
Red ink entries LOSSES
Reminders to conversation monopolizers AHEMS
Rice creation LESTAT
Saint of Avila TERESA
Sandbox comeback ARESO
Seine summers ETES
Serengeti roamers GNUS
Sharp dresser's standard? NINES
She played Dottie in "A League of Their Own" GEENA
Shylock's adversary PORTIA
Sinusitis doc ENT
Skinny swimmers EELS
Skyline highlight STEEPLE
Slain Tejano singer SELENA
Some tabernacle singers ALTI
Spinning toon TAZ
Stir up AROUSE
StubHub competition SCALPERS
Suddenly paid attention SATUP
Thing to play ROLE
Things of passing interest? LANES
This and that THESE
Three cheers, maybe RAHS
Three sheets to the wind SAUCED
TV's Buffy, e.g. HEROINE
Unrefined finds ORES
Utah city on I-15 OREM
Vehicle for supine sledders LUGE
Venue for newsgroups USENET
Wailuku welcome ALOHA
Welcome desert sight OASIS
Where to see the Kon-Tiki OSLO
Where work piles up INBOXES
White Owl alternative TEAMO
Winery casks TUNS
Wistful remark OHGEE
With a cast of thousands EPICAL
Words with a nod ISEE
Xing people? PEDS
[Not my mistake] SIC
__ Friday CASUAL
__ polloi HOI
__-Aid KOOL
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