How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Apr 29 2019

"Bro!" dude
"Furthermore ... " andalso
"How dull" blah
"If I may digress ...," in texts btw
"Ohio" quartet, initially csny
"Rigoletto" composer verdi
"The Fault in __ Stars": 2014 film our
"The Giant" of wrestling andre
"The Lion King" hero simba
"To wrap up ... " insum
"__ the season ... " tis
2000s teen drama set in California theoc
A novice in newat
Advice columnists Ann and Abby, e.g. (AL Central) twinsisters
Altar promise ido
Apt.'s sleeping area bdrm
Baseball hat cap
Bring up to speed inform
Britannica ref enc
Carefree antics hijinks
Chapel seats pews
Chekov bridgemate, in "Star Trek" sulu
Chinese PC giant whose name is partly derived from the Latin for "new" lenovo
Classic grape soda nehi
Cold shoulder snub
Colony crawler ant
Commit perjury lie
Consequence of an absence of pain, in an exercise mantra nogain
Enjoy fine food dine
Faddish pursuit, after "all" therage
Five __: burger chain guys
Food for hogs slop
Frat party garb toga
GEICO specialties? ads
Hertz rival avis
Hitch, as a ride thumb
Italian wine hub asti
Jackie's Ari onassis
Key with one flat: Abbr dmin
Kid brother, at times pest
King's tenure reign
KOA patron rver
Little cuts snips
Makes haste, old-style hies
Mexicali's peninsula baja
Monarch's self-referential plural pronoun (AL Central) royalwe
Neatened (up) tidied
Nitpicks cavils
Obtain get
Org. in which the start of five answers is a "central" player mlb
Performs in costume, as a Civil War battle reenacts
Preteens in a pack (NL Central) cubscouts
Pride or greed, e.g. (NL Central) cardinalsin
Proficiency skill
Put into play use
Quick swim dip
Rutabaga, e.g turnip
Sarge's command tenhut
Sharp-tasting acidic
Shop __ you drop til
Singer LuPone patti
Sprinted ranfast
St. Peter's domain heaven
Sushi bar drink sake
Swing voter: Abbr ind
Tiered Asian temple pagoda
Tinted hued
Trouser material chino
Tryst-confirming words itsadate
Typist's meas wpm
Warnings of serious danger (NL Central) redalerts
Wells sci-fi race eloi
With dexterity ably
[Ah, me!] sigh
__ one's time: didn't rush took
__'acte: intermission entr
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