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Definitions of incline in various dictionaries:

noun - an elevated geological formation

noun - an inclined surface connecting two levels

verb - have a tendency or disposition to do or be something


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Possible Jeopardy Clues
Meaning "a slope", it's from the Latin for "bend toward"
Possible Dictionary Clues
have a tendency to do something.
be favourably disposed towards or willing to do something.
lean or turn away from a given plane or direction, especially the vertical or horizontal.
an inclined surface or plane a slope, especially on a road or railway.
To deviate from the horizontal or vertical slant.
To lower or bend the head or body, as in a nod or bow.
To cause to lean, slant, or slope.
To influence to have a certain tendency dispose: Recent events incline us to distrust all politicians.
To bend or lower in a nod or bow: inclined her head in acquiescence.
An inclined surface a slope or gradient.
Geographic Matches
Incline might refer to
Incline, inclined, inclining, or inclination may refer to:* Incline, California
* Inclined plane, a flat surface whose endpoints are at different heights
* Inclined orbit, an orbital plane is tipped away from the equator
* Cable railway, a steeply graded railway that uses a cable or rope to haul trains
* Funicular (or funicular railway, a type of cable railway), a cable railway in which a cable attached moves cars up and down a steep slope
* Inclined loop, a feature found on some roller coasters
* Inclined rig, a method of rigging a sail to direct the force of the sails in such a way as to reduce heeling
* Inclined tower, a tower that was intentionally built at an incline
* Inclining test, to determine a ship's stability and the coordinates of its center of gravity
* Slope, steepness, incline, or grade of a line
* Grade (slope), of a topographic feature or constructed element
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