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noun - flowing in drops

noun - the sound of a liquid falling drop by drop

noun - (architecture) a projection from a cornice or sill designed to protect the area below from rainwater (as over a window or doorway)


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Possible Dictionary Clues
flowing in drops the formation and falling of drops of liquid
the sound or action of liquid falling in drops:
a boring person without a strong character:
abbreviation for dividend reinvestment plan: a form of investment in which the investor's dividends are used to buy more shares in the company, rather than being paid as cash
If a liquid drips, it falls in drops, or you make it fall in drops:
to produce drops of liquid:
a drop of liquid:
to fall in drops, or let liquid fall in drops:
a method of slowly giving someone liquid medicine or food through a tube into a vein, or a piece of equipment for doing this:
To ooze or be saturated with or as if with liquid: a speech that dripped with sarcasm.
Drip might refer to
Drip or * Mesomycetozoea, a class of Bacteria known as the DRIP clade
* Drip gas, natural gas condensate
* Drip irrigation, in agriculture and gardening
* Dripping liquid
* Drip email (campaign), the process of automatically sending planned, scheduled emails to contacts or prospects
* Drip, an old-fashioned mild pejorative for someone exceptionally eccentric or lacking in social skills
* Intravenous therapy, in health and medicine
* Murphy drip, in proctoclysis
* Lithospheric drip, in geology
* Post-nasal drip, excessive mucus produced by the sinuses
* DRiP, Dividend reinvestment plan, in finance
* DRIP, one of the MARID protocol proposals in computing
* DRIP, Differentiate Reminder Inform Persuade, in marketing
* DRIP, the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act 2014, a piece of UK legislation
* DRIP, Vitamin D Receptor Interacting Protein
* Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
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