How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today May 13 2019

$100 bill, slangily benjamin
'R,' in a text are
'Revolutionary' audio purchase? compactdisc
'Revolutionary' automotive invention? radialtire
'Revolutionary' cooling invention? ceilingfan
'Revolutionary' fair attraction? ferriswheel
2014 baseball retiree Jeter derek
Air Jordans producer nike
Anjou kin bosc
Ant or bee collective colony
Audition assignment role
Big stink todo
Bowl game sites stadia
Caesarean wardrobe piece toga
Calf-concealing skirt maxi
Camelot garment armor
Chicago daily tribune
Chimes in with adds
Collette of 'Hereditary' toni
Covered with colorful dots speckled
Didn't keep hushed up told
Dreamscape depicter Salvador dali
Event with punches and clinches bout
Eye longingly ogle
Facebooker's 'Funny!' lol
Fail in the clutch choke
Faulty faucet evidence drip
Feudal lord, or his subject liege
Fireman's door buster axe
Flour purchase sack
Forsakes the single life weds
Fossil-preserving goo tar
Further stipulations ands
Garden pond swimmer koi
Gave meds to dosed
Geological fault rift
Hacker's cry of success imin
Hayao Miyazaki's cartoon style anime
Height-enhancing pole stilt
Hornless cattle breed angus
Key Largo, Key West et al isles
Leading the league ontop
Ludicrous type fool
Made within the country domestic
Make more readable, say edit
Maneuvered gently eased
Mattel doll since 1961 ken
Mecca-bound pilgrim, often arab
Monopoly proof of purchase deed
Muppet whose goldfish is Dorothy elmo
Neaten a sidewalk's side edge
Needed a bib drooled
Off-putting smell odor
Order to a genie wish
Otherwise called, briefly aka
Pants-pressing concern crease
Piousness symbol halo
Poke with a pike stab
Pour ranch on, say dress
Prom queen's topper tiara
Reeling from a blow dazed
Risk getting bleeped cuss
Rose buyer's quantity dozen
See 49-Down coma
Shop class clamp vise
Short-sighted burrowers moles
Sloth's abode tree
Smelted substances ores
Solemn assertion vow
Stroll starter step
Surprised unpleasantly jarred
They're no brainiacs dullards
Throws, as a baited hook casts
Too curious nosy
Trading card groupings sets
Trampoline maneuvers flips
With 44-Across, post-meal lethargy food
Writing and erasing, for a pencil uses
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