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  1. Extreme fear; fear that agitates body and mind; violent dread; fright.
  2. That which excites dread; a cause of extreme fear.
  3. any period of brutal suppression thought to resemble the Reign of Terror in France
  1. Of or pertaining to a revolution in government; tending to, or promoting, revolution; as, revolutionary war; revolutionary measures; revolutionary agitators.
  2. A revolutionist.
  3. a radical supporter of political or social revolution
  4. advocating or engaged in revolution; "revolutionary pamphlets"; "a revolutionary junta"
  5. relating to or having the nature of a revolution; "revolutionary wars"; "the Revolutionary era"
  6. of or relating to or characteristic or causing an axial or orbital turn
  7. markedly new or introducing radical change; "a revolutionary discovery"; "radical political views"
  1. Of or pertaining to Rhadamanthus; rigorously just; as, a Rhadamanthine judgment.
  1. Of or pertaining to Rome, or the Roman people; like or characteristic of Rome, the Roman people, or things done by Romans; as, Roman fortitude; a Roman aqueduct; Roman art.
  2. Of or pertaining to the Roman Catholic religion; professing that religion.
  3. Upright; erect; -- said of the letters or kind of type ordinarily used, as distinguished from Italic characters.
  1. A composite plant , having a bitter and slightly aromatic taste, formerly used as a tonic and a vermifuge, and to protect woolen garments from moths.
  2. Anything very bitter or grievous; bitterness.