How many letters in the Answer?

Jonesin' Oct 06 2009

"...man ___ mouse?" ORA
"I'm stumped" YOUVEGOTME
"Leave in," to a proofreader STET
"___ to Extremes" (Billy Joel song) IGO
1040 IDs SSNS
2008 Olympics swimmer Dara TORRES
Abbr. after old generals' names RETD
Actresses West and Whitman MAES
Altar exchanges IDOS
Aphrodite's beloved ADONIS
Average scores PARS
Aware of ONTO
Baby on a farm FOAL
Be lazy VEG
Blood pressure, heart rate, etc. VITALS
Board game with SLIDE spaces SORRY
Bottle top? NECK
Bring into harmony ATTUNE
Class closer? ICS
Convert to a computer system, e.g. AUTOMATE
Creepy-___ CRAWLY
Dr.'s org. AMA
Ear protection? HUSK
Fortune WEALTH
Got it all wrong? LIED
Hired goon THUG
Honky ___ music TONK
Honor stitched to some jackets LETTER
In a sassy way PERTLY
Indiana's second largest city FORTWAYNE
Ineffectual sort WEENIE
Joel of "Cabaret" GREY
Leaving out OMISSION
Lewis locale NARNIA
Like a lot of European cathedral architecture in the 16th century LATEGOTHIC
Like some musical "wonders" ONEHIT
Like some wisdom? INFINITE
Like teddy bears and puppies HUGGABLE
Manatee's order SIRENIA
Military planes provide it AIRCOVER
Network whose first broadcast was "Gone With the Wind" TCM
Of a period that ends in 39-down LENTEN
One may direct traffic ROADCREW
Opposing opinion ANTI
Pac-Man dot PELLET
Packaging string TWINE
Pai ___ (Chinese gambling game) GOW
Part of Y.S.L. YVES
Phrase of consequence SOTHAT
Pict. in a book ILLUS
Rarest of the main blood types in the U.S. ABNEGATIVE
Source of a stream HEADWATERS
Speed ratio MACH
Spoiled brat SNOT
Spring holidays EASTERS
Sugar alcohol in some chewing gums XYLITOL
Superpower all about transparency XRAYVISION
Supports at the end of planes TAILSKIDS
That is, to Cicero IDEST
They'd say "like, gag me" in the 1980s VALLEYGIRLS
Title for Italian monks FRA
Tool in forestry to measure slope, vertical angles and tree heights CLINOMETER
Transfer an e-mail, perhaps RESEND
Wearing an underskirt PETTICOATED
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