How many letters in the Answer?

Jonesin' Nov 24 2015

'(Don't Fear) The ___' (1976 Blue Oyster Cult hit) REAPER
'A.I.' humanoid MECHA
'Against the Wind' singer Bob SEGER
'Ahem' relative PSST
'Bravo, bullfighter!' OLE
'Down ___' (Nine Inch Nails song) INIT
'Help!' actor Ringo STARR
'I don't wanna know about your infection' initials TMI
'I Love a Rainy Night' country singer Eddie RABBITT
'It ___ laugh' ISTO
'LOSER KEEPS ___' (billboard seen before the U.S.-Canada gold medal hockey game of 2014) BIEBER
'Wait, let me wash up first!' IMAMESS
'Waiting For the Robert ___' ELEE
'Well, lah-di-___!' DAH
'___ me, that's who!' SEZ
'___ said before ...' ASI
1551, to ancient Romans MDLI
Actress Gertz of 'The Neighbors' JAMI
Annual MTV bestowal VMA
Anti-DUI gp SADD
Antique photo tone SEPIA
Approach for money HITUP
Borneo ape, for short ORANG
Bout before the main event PRELIM
Check to make sure REREAD
Cherry discard PIT
Cherry discard STEM
Co. that introduced Dungeons & Dragons TSR
Cuatro plus cuatro OCHO
Current government REGIME
Dormant ATREST
Dye holder VAT
Elly May Clampett's pa JED
Farmer's measurement ACRE
Flour sorters that form patterns? SHAPESIFTERS
Giant bodies of flour and water that won't rise? OCEANSUNLEAVENED
Go over some lines? TRACE
Gospel singer Andrews INEZ
Hard to catch FAST
I, in Munich ICH
Insurance option that requires referrals HMO
Invitation replies RSVPS
Joie de ___ VIVRE
Kunis of 'Black Swan' MILA
Lifelong pals, less formally BFFS
Like some poker games NOLIMIT
Like some winks and grins SLY
Marshmallow holiday candies PEEPS
Mic check word TESTING
Motors that are better suited for flour mills? STARCHIERENGINES
Movie buff's org AFI
Naysayer's view ANTI
Net business, as seen in crosswords but not in real life ETAIL
One of the 'Golden Girls' ROSE
Pack member, for short? CIG
Paperback publisher named for a small fowl BANTAM
Particle in a charged state ION
Pitcher Hershiser OREL
Principle of good conduct ETHIC
Psych suffix OTIC
Pursued CHASED
Rain hard? HAIL
Ramshackle RATTY
Some English homework, casually VOCAB
Staples or Hooters, e.g BRANDNAME
Stealthy-sounding (but subpar) subprime mortgage offering NINJALOAN
Stopwatch button RESET
Team with the football OFFENSE
Test giver's call TIME
The next batch of flour being from the same common grain as the last? WHEATASECOND
This evening, in ads TONITE
Top-five finish, perhaps, to an optimist NEARWIN
Turntablists, familiarly DJS
Watch chains FOBS
White-tailed coastal birds ERNS
Writer Munro ALICE
___ deferens VAS
___ noire (bane) BETE
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