How many letters in the Answer?

Jonesin' Mar 13 2018

#, outside of Twitter sharp
'Electric Avenue' singer Grant (who turned 70 in 2018) eddy
'Guardians of the Galaxy' star Chris pratt
'I Got Rhythm' singer Merman ethel
'Roseanne' of 'Roseanne' barr
'The Great Gatsby,' for one title
'Uh-huh' yep
'You're in trouble!' oooh
'You've got mail!' company aol
1966 Michael Caine movie alfie
1978 Nobel Peace Prize co-winner Sadat anwar
1998 Apple rollout imac
66 and I-95, e.g rtes
Abbr. in a Broadway address nyny
Affirmative responses aoks
Author Kingsley amis
Bacon portion slab
Bauxite, et al ores
Beast ogre
Bedtime, for some tenpm
Blanc with many voices mel
Bridge fastener rivet
Buddy pal
Buddy, slangily homie
Camping need tarp
Canonized figure saint
Castle surrounder moat
Caught lampreys eeled
Claim on property lien
Confused atsea
Convulsive sigh sob
Crafty website etsy
Dedicated avid
Demand for your favorite band to perform at a county gathering? playmyfair
Dog in early kiddie lit spot
Dullsville blah
Emotion that's unleashed fury
Extremely very
Fibula or ulna bone
Garden of Genesis eden
General feeling vibe
Golden-coated horse palomino
Greek vowel iota
Harnesses for oxen yokes
Harry and William's school eton
Heart chambers atria
Io's planet jupiter
It's sung twice after 'que' sera
Leaves off omits
Looked closely peered
Ma who says 'baa' ewe
Make some eggs? lay
Meat that somehow sparked a 2017 Arby's craze venison
Mythical weeper (and namesake of element #41) niobe
NPR correspondent Totenberg nina
Oklahoma city near Oklahoma City enid
Org. that honors sports legends hof
Palindromic address with an apostrophe maam
People who cut you off in traffic, say jerks
Pic taken alone, or together (as the name doesn't suggest) selfie
Pound sound arf
Preemie's ward, for short nicu
Prepares leather tans
Request in exchange for some ones, maybe? takemyfive
Retiring shy
Rickman, in the 'Harry Potter' films snape
Russian speed skater Graf who turned down the 2018 Winter Olympics olga
Sand down some menswear? filemysuit
Scrooge's outburst bah
Search (through) rifle
Shaped like a zero oval
Shortest of the signs leo
Snack notable for its residue cheetos
Some circus performers tamers
Split into splinters slivered
Surveillance needs, for short cams
The Rock's real first name dwayne
Took the wrong way? stole
Walked away from the poker table with cards face down? leftmyhand
Wonderstruck inawe
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