How many letters in the Answer?

Jonesin' Jul 10 2018

'C'est la ___!' vie
'Fiddler on the Roof' matchmaker yenta
'Indubitably!' yes
'Julius Caesar' conspirator brutus
'The Puzzle Palace' org nsa
'Well, that's obvious!' duh
1955 pact city warsaw
American realist art school ashcan
Atlanta university emory
Cargo carrier truck
Catan resource ore
Coinage money
Company named for a goddess nike
Country set to share the 2026 World Cup usa
Cowboy's yell yeehaw
Cricket, say sport
Diamond call foul
Dir. at 202.5° ssw
Discover findout
Early Atari game pong
Entreat urge
Excited roused
Faucet tap
Finished over
Follow commands obey
Game with a bouncing ball jacks
General linked to chicken tso
Geometric figure shape
George of 'Star Trek' and Twitter takei
Head producer for the Wu-Tang Clan rza
Heinous evil
Helicopter designer Sikorsky igor
HI-strung instruments? ukes
Hold's partner have
In this location here
Innermost of Mars's two moons phobos
Jump to conclusions assume
Just out new
Just over 99%? all
Kids' meal prize toy
Kimono sash obi
Lounging chair chaise
Low number in Naples tre
LPs and 45s vinyl
Lucille's co-star desi
Microbrewery brews ales
Modern cheesecake ingredient oreo
Mr. or Ms. Right theone
Multiple-day music gathering, e.g fest
Music organizer on a wall, maybe cdrack
On the job atwork
Onetime Sidekick maker suzuki
Org. with a tour pga
Paid to the church tithed
Part of ACLU union
Planetary path oval
Prefix with play, at some cons cos
Rita of Netflix's 'One Day at a Time' moreno
Scratch some statuary? marsculpture
Scribble (down) jot
Seize take
Self-referential, like this clue meta
Shell in a 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' running gag coconut
Sine's reciprocal, in trig (abbr.) csc
Sky viewer used at an airline's main airport? hubtelescope
Sorta, in suffix form ish
Start of a Frank Loesser title guys
Sudden onrush surge
Tennis's Ivanovic ana
Terrier type, informally yorkie
The origins of singing wordlessly? humbeginnings
They share the same season as Geminis leos
Updo, e.g coif
Wailuku's island maui
Way out egress
Weed whacker, e.g trimmer
Word misspelled in a tattoo meme regrets
___ Interwebz (intentional online misspelling) teh
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