How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Sep 24 2012

"I Walk the Line" singer CASH
"Norma ___" (Sally Field film) RAE
"Sack" attachment KNAP
"Sands of ___ Jima" IWO
"Timer" or "wheeler" lead-in TWO
"What'll ___?" (bartender's question) ITBE
"___ Day Will Come" OUR
Ali ___of children's fiction BABA
Ball game postponer RAIN
Basket material RATTAN
Bed frame segment SLAT
Begin, as hobbies TAKEUP
Better Than ___ ('90s band) EZRA
Butcher's offering TBONESTEAK
Carnival city, casually RIO
Carpentry class SHOP
Carton sealer TAPE
Catchers' gloves MITTS
Chemist's compound ENOL
Clipped, in music STACCATO
Competed at Henley OARED
Composition for eight OCTET
Computer menu heading FILE
Cow's mouthful CUD
Day, to Claudius DIEM
Deli sandwich choice TUNA
Dismal cry YOWL
Dreamer's eyeball movements REMS
Drudge of yore SERF
Feat by Houdini ESCAPE
Fertilizer from bats GUANO
German chancellor ___ von Bismarck OTTO
Gooseflesh-making EERIE
Inclined (to) APT
Instrument among the reeds OBOE
Isn't passive REACTS
It flows underground SEWAGE
It may be pressing NEED
It may be spread before dinner TABLECLOTH
It's slapstick material PIE
Like forbidden fruit TABOO
Lists of items to discuss AGENDAS
Lovely to look at SCENIC
Low-lying wetland SWALE
Madagascar money, once FRANC
Middle of a sleeve ELBOW
Mine access ADIT
Molecule building block ATOM
Monopoly player's purchase HOTEL
Mystical emanation AURA
National League team METS
Not yet named OTHER
Operatic performance ARIA
Parking meter component TIMER
Paved the way LED
Projectile of old CANNONBALL
Quack's offering CUREALL
Rule of conduct ETHIC
Rush week venue, for short FRAT
Site of a lopsided landmark PISA
Spork part TINE
Steps leading down to a river GHAT
Stereotypical rail rider HOBO
Stern who bows ISAAC
Succulent emollient ALOE
Sunlit courts ATRIA
Sweet treat COFFEECAKE
Thunder god THOR
Tranquil SERENE
Try to delay STALL
Tulip start BULB
Turkish pooh-bahs PASHAS
Victorian and Romantic ERAS
Walk like Frankenstein's monster STOMP
West of old Hollywood MAE
Westminster attraction ABBEY
Winter Palace resident (Var.) TZAR
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