How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Sep 12 2006

"Acoustic Soul" singer India.___ ARIE
"Fine" or "liberal" followers ARTS
"Return to ___" (Elvis hit) SENDER
"Tommy" group (with "The") WHO
"What's that?" HUH
''Break ___!'' (''Perform well!'') ALEG
''Diary of ___ Housewife'' AMAD
''La ___ Vita'' DOLCE
''Life is Just ___ of Cherries'' ABOWL
''Tamerlane'' poet POE
100 lbs. in the U.S. CWT
23-Across, at times CACKLER
A prayer place MOSQUE
Activity preceding liftoff COUNTDOWN
Advantage EDGE
Alleviated EASED
Ancient Roman gathering place BATHS
Andean animals LLAMAS
Anticipate trouble CIRCLETHEWAGONS
Apple section CORE
Apprehenders KNOWERS
Aquarium dweller ALGA
Au courant UPON
Australia's national gemstone OPAL
Baking measures CUPS
Be verbally evasive HEM
Best Director film for Warren Beatty REDS
Bit of nuclear physics ATOM
Blood bank fluid SERUM
Bogey beater PAR
Bridge term SLAM
Calif. force LAPD
Canned product since 1937 SPAM
Castaways' homes ISLES
City on the Penobscot River ORONO
Coeur d'Alene's home IDAHO
Concludes ENDS
Cop's path BEAT
Delivers via parachute AIRDROPS
Desert of Mongolia GOBI
Dipsomaniac WINO
Doctor with seven faces LAO
Double-curve pipe shape ESS
Double-reed instrument OBOE
Early carmaker OLDS
Egg dish OMELET
End of a tunnel, proverbially LIGHT
Far from pliant RIGID
Father's ritual? MASS
Fawlty and Rathbone BASILS
Fertilizer chemical UREA
Fetched GOT
Fine spray MIST
Fire engine shade RED
Fireplace debris ASH
First name in jazz legends ELLA
Forest fledgling OWLET
Forest trap SNARE
Full-bodied, as a voice OROTUND
Furrows RUTS
Get off ___-free SCOT
Gets more arduous, in a way STEEPENS
Girded (oneself) STEELED
Give the heave-ho to OUST
Good, honest transaction SQUAREDEAL
Gullible dupes SAPS
Haggard hero Quatermain ALLAN
Half a ring? SEMICIRCLE
Have some PARTAKE
He doesn't play for pay AMATEUR
Hector Hugh Munro SAKI
Hindrance to fair judgment BIAS
Ingredients in fuzzy navels? LINTS
Instrument for a minstrel LUTE
It's built for speed RACER
It's dispensed from a hose GAS
Joint with a 90-degree bend ELL
Judicial decision, perhaps AWARD
Juvenile amphibian EFT
Kindergarten time-outs NAPS
King-sized furniture? THRONES
La ___ (French explorer) SALLE
Lead-tin alloy TERNE
Lichen's kin MOSS
Life imitator ART
Like some watches OVALFACED
Look forward to AWAIT
Marinate SOAK
Mental block? RUBIKSCUBE
Midshipman's sch. USNA
Minus locks BALD
Mountainous region of Scotland HIGHLANDS
Not-so-great grade CEE
Object of Bluto's affection OLIVE
Old Italian bread? LIRAS
Old World bird PEWIT
One reason to switch gears HILL
One who's not all there? HALFWIT
Only partner ONE
Orchard Field, today OHARE
Ornamental altar screens REREDOS
Out of the elements INDOORS
Paddler's craft CANOE
Part of Indonesia BALI
Patron saint of Norway OLAF
Pool-parlor powders TALCS
Porter of song COLE
Powerful workstation OVALOFFICE
Provides the body with proper nourishment EATSASQUAREMEAL
Push rudely SHOVE
Ready for a toothpick? FED
Refinery refuse SLAG
Refrigerant trademark FREON
Remove, as a brooch UNPIN
Royal Peruvians INCAS
Running back LaDainian TOMLINSON
Sauce of chili peppers and tomatoes SALSA
Scratching post user CAT
Seasonal songs CAROLS
She lays around the farm HEN
Shoe-wiping spot MAT
Some auto parts TAILPIPES
Some extensions ELLS
Some farm animals SOWS
Some members of the family AUNTS
Some skirts MINIS
Soothing herb ALOE
Sounds of contentment AHS
Southwestern pot OLLA
Spanish feminine article UNA
Strike out DELETE
Successfully woo WIN
Suffix with "puppet" or "profit" EER
The Mystery Machine, for one VAN
Three-time Emmy winner Fabray NANETTE
Tiny Tim played one (Abbr.) UKE
Trade org. since 1960 OPEC
Tripod part LEG
Tropical American mammal COATI
Umpire, for one ARBITER
Upturned, as a crate ONEND
Utterly absurd ASININE
Viscounts' superiors EARLS
Walker's aid CANE
Wapiti DEER
Well, just the opposite? ILL
Wing-tip tip TOE
Witty comment QUIP
Word in two states' names DAKOTA
Word with egg or jelly ROLL
WSW about-face ENE
You may take it lying down REST
You-here link ARE
___ in victory VAS
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