How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Sep 07 2010

"... but to no ___" AVAIL
"Arrivederci!" ADIEU
"Before" of yore ERE
"Chosen one" played by Keanu NEO
"Everybody lift together!" HEAVE
"George of the Jungle" star Brendan FRASER
"I need it yesterday!" initials ASAP
"I see" sounds AHS
"That's the guy!" HIM
"What did I just get myself ___?" INTO
"Your turn" to a CBer OVER
"___ where prohibited" VOID
100 cents, in France EURO
A day's march ETAPE
Accelerator particles IONS
Act like a lunatic RAVE
Acute, as vision KEEN
Affliction of the eyelid STYE
Alternative to white or wheat RYE
Army hitch, e.g. STINT
Arthritis symptom ACHE
Bad movie rating ONESTAR
Be penitent ATONE
Bowler or beret HAT
Burma's capital, then RANGOON
Business with no partners SOLEOWNERSHIP
Cab passenger or payment FARE
Causing overtime, perhaps TYING
Churchill's pride of WWII RAF
Companion of flow EBB
Computer game format CDROM
Cotillion honoree DEB
Cut with a scalpel INCISE
Durable wood TEAK
Extremely heavy makeup GOOK
Extremely proper STRAIGHTLACED
Faulty part of the shuttle Challenger ORING
Feathery neckwear BOAS
Forearm bones RADII
Former capital of Japan EDO
French wine-growing region RHONE
Frenzied way to run? AMOK
Get ___ start (be tardy) ALATE
Hand-raising activity? POKER
Hunger pain PANG
In a clumsy way OAFISHLY
It secures a nut BOLT
Language spoken in Limerick ERSE
Like taffy CHEWY
Lobster eggs ROE
Lovers' quarrel SPAT
Norway's capital OSLO
One kicking oneself RUER
Playful aquatic critter OTTER
Prickly seed casing BUR
Reacted to a punch REELED
Revolutionary diplomat Silas DEANE
Say it isn't true DENY
Sites of some wasps' nests EAVES
Sponsored boy at a baptism GODSON
Tailless amphibian TOAD
Target practice need AMMO
The Beatles' second film HELP
Untidy, disordered condition MESS
Uppity one SNOOT
USNA students MIDS
Victoria's Secret selection BRA
War god on Olympus ARES
Whiskered circus performer SEAL
With the bow, in music ARCO
You might find one under the Christmas tree NEEDLE
You might use one with reservations HOTEL
___ borealis (northern lights) AURORA
___ Kahn AGHA
___-up-and-go GET
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