How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Oct 31 2017

"Ed Wood" Oscar-winner Martin LANDAU
"___ Town" OUR
Actress Perlman RHEA
Applies incorrectly MISUSES
Band boosters AMPS
Besides ELSE
Buckwheat dish KASHA
Buoy, as one's hopes ELATE
Butcher's offering MEAT
Cafe order MOCHA
Canyon sound effect ECHO
Car, briefly AUTO
Cause of a major blowup TNT
Chihuahua coins PESOS
Chinese philosophy TAO
Clip a photo CROP
Colorful butterflies MONARCHS
Comparable AKIN
Condition of an elderly female spirit? GHOSTMENOPAUSAL
Countless years EONS
Covert ___ OPS
Dermatologist's concern CYST
Door part HINGE
Electric bill stat USAGE
Emulate a contented cat PURR
Fancy window ORIEL
Fighting words in a haunted house? PUTUPYOURSPOOKS
Former German leader Helmut KOHL
Gambler's concern ODDS
Greek lyric poem EPODE
Grimace MOUE
Gym site since 1844 YMCA
Helps AIDS
Hotel necessities BEDS
Indicate yes NOD
Informal negative NOPE
It's continental ASIA
Jazz variety BEBOP
Jungle primate APE
Many are commissioned SALES
Molten rock MAGMA
Neutral possessive ITS
Newspaper section ARTS
Nigerian metropolis LAGOS
Nitwit DODO
Of the highest degree UTMOST
Opening GAP
Opera highlight ARIA
Opposite of pro ANTI
Part of a love-ly Latin trio AMAT
Picnic pest ANT
Plant parts STEMS
Plug or hype TOUT
Refer to CITE
Ripped TORN
Saber's relative EPEE
Sheltered from the wind ALEE
Shoulder-to-elbow bones HUMERI
Snail mail org USPS
Some pantry items CANS
Tach reading RPM
Threefold TRINE
Throws a party HOSTS
Ts for Aristotle TAUS
Type of bath for ewe? SHEEPDIP
Very active ONTHEGO
Water vehicle BOAT
Wipe clean ERASE
Wool-yielding creature ALPACA
Word formed from initials ACRONYM
Yellowish-orange OCHER
You, old-school THEE
Zagreb native CROAT
Zombie's translation of a Tom Clancy title? DEADSTORMRISING
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