How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Oct 07 2014

"As ___ instructions" PER
"Capital" attachment ISM
"Spare" bone RIB
"The ___ Bride" (Rimsky-Korsakov opera) TSARS
"What's ___?" THIS
'40s jazz style BEBOP
'60s war zone, informally NAM
Accumulate AMASS
Airport pickup LIMO
Avoid work MALINGER
Awesome hotel lobbies ATRIA
Barbary beast APE
Baseball judge UMP
Break one's spirit UNMAN
Calyx component SEPAL
Campus recruiting grp ROTC
Catches sight of SEES
Censor's target SMUT
Central area MIDST
Champagne sample SIP
City on the Yamuna River AGRA
Classic dress style ALINE
Classroom units DESKS
Colorful part of the decor SCATTERCUSHIONS
Commandments count TEN
Counter a point ARGUE
Defunct Russian parliament DUMA
Exiled elephant ROGUE
Express sorrow MOURN
Family-reunion attendee NIECE
Feverish conditions AGUES
Gal's counterpart GUY
Gardener's need HOSE
German spa town Bad ___ EMS
Graf rival, once SELES
Having moxie BRASH
Helpful, as a tool UTILE
Here-there link NOR
Jacob's twin ESAU
Japanese fish dish SUSHI
Jittery ANTSY
King novel (with "The") STAND
Knowing, as a secret INON
Lawyers' grp ABA
Leave scratches on MAR
Lift over snow TBAR
Like some proportions EPIC
Lingerie catalog items BRAS
Maine or Montana STATE
Moments, for short SECS
One billion years, geologically EON
Out-of-fashion PASSE
Peanut cover SHELL
Pet shop squawker PARROT
Present an opposing view REBUTTAL
Pretentious, as a display ARTSY
Pretty, in Dundee BONNY
Prove positively DISMISSALLDOUBT
Quite a while AGES
Schmuck SHMO
Secret agent SPY
Severe colic ILEUS
Small scraps SNIPPETS
Small tree SUMAC
Small, decorative cases ETUIS
Some sandwich cookies OREOS
Spine-tingling EERIE
Spirited quality ELAN
Symptom of a wheel misalignment SHIMMY
The usual run of things RUCK
They're taken to the cleaners SUITS
Tract of wasteland HEATH
Varnish component RESIN
Words from the bride and groom IDO
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