How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Oct 04 2015

"In a row" number THREE
"Let's get movin'!" CMON
"O Brother, Where Art __?" THOU
"Red" tree ALDER
"Wayne's World" star Carvey DANA
"___ as directed" USE
A dozen eggs, in a lab OVA
Acid + alcohol results ESTERS
Agrees quietly NODS
Animal enclosure CAGE
Antiperspirant's target ODOR
Arm stiffeners ULNAE
Army officer with rank MAJOR
Bass, for one CLEF
Beards on grain AWNS
Bewhiskered animal OTTER
Calls, as a game REFS
Captain's subordinate FIRSTLIEUTENANT
Causes of destruction BANES
Certain superficial wound FIRSTDEGREEBURN
Chewed and swallowed ATE
Day of many hangovers JANUARYTHEFIRST
Dermatology diagnosis, sometimes CYST
Design style of the 1920s ARTDECO
Diver's site, perhaps REEF
Dollar, in some places EURO
Egg on URGE
Eighth letter of the Greek alphabet THETA
Epic achievement FEAT
Everglades wader EGRET
Favored one side or the other LEANED
Fill a ship's hold LADE
Floating on the Atlantic ASEA
Freedom from activity REST
Gangster's pistol GAT
He's a pig BOAR
Heron cousin IBIS
Hindrances to teamwork EGOS
Hindu social level CASTE
Incite, as havoc WREAK
Industrious one DOER
Insect's sensory device FEELER
It can be conserved ENERGY
Jack Dempsey, "The Manassa ___" MAULER
Land measures ACRES
Like fine wine AGED
Make an exit LEAVE
Make deep impressions, in a way ETCH
Make haste HIE
Mall for Sophocles AGORA
Noisy beetle ELATER
Noted gift-bearing kings MAGI
Notwithstanding ALBEIT
Oil company with collectible trucks HESS
Plant used to make tequila AGAVE
Police officer, when ticketing CITER
Pull with effort DRAG
Ran swiftly RACED
Romanian currency LEU
Root of the taro plant EDDO
Rulers of old TSARS
Sharp mountain ridge ARETE
Shoelace end AGLET
Slacken up ABATE
Small ornamental sewing cases ETUIS
Tasting of wood, as some spirits OAKY
Tax-deferred investment, for short IRA
True piece of information FACT
Type of cookie OREO
Untouchable Eliot NESS
Vote into office again REELECT
What "F" means on a test FALSE
___ Khan AGHA
___-tat-tat RATA
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