How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Nov 26 2002

''I'm Henry the Eighth I Am'' composer R.P. WESTON
Angelic Italian instrument ARPA
Applications USES
Arctic explorer RAE
Argued for PLED
Away from wind, for a ship ALEE
Awkward bloke GALOOT
Balanchine's specialty BALLET
Beer ingredient HOPS
Borden of condensed milk GAIL
Cantilevered window ORIEL
Cash register co. NCR
Certain gem OPAL
Chance --- (meet accidentally) UPON
Claptrap BOSH
Clay or coal unit LUMP
Collision IMPACT
Cooking pot OLLA
Days of yore OLDEN
Eastern belief TAO
Elve, over here PUPIL
Emulated Ederle SWAM
Escape route EXIT
Essential item NEED
Fable point MORAL
First lady of scat ELLA
Foreman foe ALI
Fulcrum for an oar THOLE
Great party BASH
Gung-ho feeling ZEAL
Haifa currency SHEKEL
Highly pleased with oneself PROUDASAPEACOCK
Insult SLAM
Intended MEANT
Intersected MET
Island garland LEI
It used to be a drip ICICLE
It's between two aglets SHOELACE
It's bought by the bar SOAP
It's little when white LIE
Jouster's weapon LANCE
Like some history ORAL
Make it ARRIVE
Mermaid's milieu SEA
Metal in meteors NICKEL
Modern clicker MOUSE
Monetary unit of Romania LEU
Mont Blanc is one ALP
Mustache application WAX
Next to nothing? ONE
No Mr. Nice Guy OGRE
Old ankle covers SPATS
Peas, for a shooter AMMO
Player in a kid's game SEEKER
Popular moisturizer ingredient ALOE
Primal impulse URGE
Public relations concern IMAGE
Quality of uniformity EVENNESS
Revered remnant RELIC
Rewards Spot PETS
Road sign YIELD
Rope fiber source HEMP
Simply overjoyed HAPPYASALARK
Sinatra's ''The Manchurian Candidate'' role MARCO
Small job to do TASK
Sound and healthy HALE
Sponsorship AEGIS
Sunlit courts ATRIA
Swing place YARD
Teeny finish BOPPER
Toy train maker LIONEL
Type of tray ICE
Way off the wall CRAZYASALOON
Wild way to go APE
Word with ten or duck PIN
X, in ancient Greece CHI
Zebra's mom MARE
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