How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Nov 24 2018

"Certainly" sure
"Give it to me or ___!" else
"I can't breathe" feeling panic
"Wasn't" relative arent
"We're unified in that statement" andsosayallofus
7-UP? No, Coke cola
A voice vote aye
Actor Ledger heath
Alaskan beasts moose
Alaskan native aleut
Bad race finish last
Bide one's time await
Big beer holder keg
Bonneville Flats product salt
Carangid fish scad
Carrot part root
Color quality hue
Composed of wings alar
Deep ___ bend knee
Divvies up allots
Duplex's due rent
DVD's reader laser
Equine directors reins
Facts, data, etc info
Fling, as a fishing line cast
Former Alero maker, briefly olds
From Bangkok thai
Give clues to help
Go "yum-m-m" over savor
Guide on Mount Everest sherpa
Had the right to sell owned
Heredity carrier gene
Horse's greeting neigh
Hot dog condiments ketchups
Ice skater's jump axel
In flames afire
In the manner of ala
Laugher in the jungle hyena
Like an obsessive mind onetrack
Like bad thunderstorms severe
Making an ocean crossing asea
Manny Machado's .956 in 2017 fieldingaverage
Meeting place for old Greeks agora
Modern form of address? url
Narthex's neighbor nave
Nerve cell transmitter axon
Newborn's acquisition name
Not be selfish share
Not have lack
Oatmeal issue lump
Obedience school shout sit
Obscure and cloud over befog
On too much caffeine wired
One place to worship from afar
Ones behind bars cons
Opposer's prefix anti
Pelvis bones sacra
Pertaining to hearing aural
Potato peeler, essentially parer
Prefix with "conservative" ultra
Pulverize potatoes mash
Rupp in Lexington arena
Rural stopovers inns
Societal reject pariah
Space observer plus trackingstation
Stuff in lotions aloe
Switch-hitting Mickey mantle
Thing with slop-py food trough
Type of game away
U-turn from major minor
Walk easily amble
Wee troublemakers imps
Word with "the law" its
Work units ergs
World-famous mariner noah
Wrap along the Ganges sari
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