How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Nov 03 2016

"... ___ a lender be" NOR
"And now, without further ___ ..." ADO
"What ___ can I say?" ELSE
67.5 degrees, on a compass ENE
A chorus voice ALTO
Aces, sometimes ONES
Apply, as pressure EXERT
As originally located INSITU
Attempt to justify DEFEND
Baby's first syllable, sometimes GOO
Backslide RELAPSE
Battery post ANODE
Birthday party feature CAKE
Body and spirit complement SOUL
Breakfast recess NOOK
Bridge distance SPAN
Bus charge FARE
Computer shortcut MACRO
Computer's information unit BYTE
Concludes ENDS
Crossword "plot" THEME
Crudely cut, as a branch LOP
Decay ROT
Decorative pitcher EWER
Drive-in movie unit CARLOAD
Dutch South African BOER
Exodus commemoration SEDER
Fowl pole? ROOST
Good fellers? AXES
Hang around in the shadows LURK
Have a sudden inspiration? GASP
Hightailed it HIED
Inlaid furniture decoration BOULE
It can be added or subtracted NUMERAL
It may be posted at a gate ETA
It's taken from you in restaurants MENU
Jamaican citrus fruit UGLI
Kicks out OUSTS
Kid-TV's bilingual explorer DORA
Lady of Spain DONA
Letters for a mind reader ESP
Like mucky swampland MIRY
Like Satan EVIL
Mollify SOOTHE
Moonshine unit Jugful
Mousse alternative GEL
Moved like a coward SLUNK
Not drooping or sagging LEVEL
Not just "a" THE
On the peak ATOP
One with wandering eyes OGLER
Pair in a lake? OARS
Place with a small beach, typically ISLE
Places for sporting events ARENAS
Sect that raises barns AMISH
Shoelace tip AGLET
Some beans SOYS
Some dash widths ENS
Speed up a low-flow ketchup bottle by .. PUTTINGINASTRAW
Sprinkled orange peels and coffee grounds are great for .. KEEPINGCATSAWAY
Suffered in the heat SWELTERED
T-shirt material COTTON
Thing for a newborn NAME
Ticket to great wealth, sometimes LOTTO
Type of hard-to-miss sign NEON
Type of patio grill HIBACHI
Type of point FOCAL
United voting group BLOC
Use nail polish remover to .. REMOVESUPERGLUE
Weep SOB
Where men and women go into labor? COMPANIES
Where water was turned into wine CANA
Word of agreement in church AMEN
___ out a living (barely got by) EKED
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