How many letters in the Answer?

Universal May 30 2002

''... land of Nod, on the --- of Eden'' EAST
''Best actor'' Oscar winner, 1976 PETERFINCH
''By all means!'' YES
''Girls Just Want to Have ---'' FUN
''Harper Valley ---'' PTA
''Not only that...'' PLUS
''The Pearl'' Monroe EARL
--- and terminer (trial) OYER
A rushing sound SWOOSH
Actress Holm CELESTE
Again, in different form ANEW
Authority SAYSO
Babel, for one TOWER
Baby's first word, sometimes DADA
Barbie's guy KEN
Bird in a Kesey title CUCKOO
Bluto's foe POPEYE
Bottomless chasm ABYSS
Boxing great ALI
Brothers or sisters SIBS
Bruce Willis flop HUDSONHAWK
Brummell or Bridges BEAU
Canning metal TIN
Cause agitation RILE
Chases away, as a fly SHOOS
Child's card game WAR
Chops finely HASHES
Christmas songs NOELS
Classic verse form SAPPHIC
Collegiate sports group NCAA
Continuously EVER
Decay ROT
Do a shoemaker's job REHEEL
Dollar value COST
Dom DeLuise film FATSO
End --- (ultimate customer) USER
Familiar tapper TOE
Film Robin of Locksley ERROL
French school ECOLE
Green pods OKRA
Had a reason to repay OWED
Hasten away HIE
Hawaiian feast LUAU
Holy places SANCTA
Indentation in Michael Jackson's face CLEFT
Indian nurse AYAH
Karate movement CHOP
Last name in luxury autos ROYCE
Like a word of mouth ORAL
Like an area filled with fronds FERNY
Like some stations on a car radio PRESET
Low in the lea MOO
Martini designation DRY
Milo in ''Ulysses'' OSHEA
Miserable WRETCHED
Negative contraction WASNT
New currency abroad EURO
Nips companions TUCKS
One of 360 for a first down INCH
One responsible for Dogpatch CAPP
Orange-yellow pigment OCHER
Palindromic principle TENET
Pertaining to the hipbone ILIAC
Polynesian beverage KAVA
Popular health food TOFU
Questionnaire option OTHER
Sniffs the air SMELLS
Sources for synonyms THESAURI
St. Paul's Cathedral architect CHRISTOPHERWREN
Stripe of contrasting color STRIA
Tomato product KETCHUP
Trade SWAP
Transport, as freight HAUL
Type of race SACK
Where to see a portrait of Grant FIFTY
Yankee's foe REB
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