How many letters in the Answer?

Universal May 12 2010

"I hadn't thought of that" GEE
"___ been working on the railroad ..." IVE
"___ the season to be jolly" TIS
Alternatives to pianos KEYBOARDS
Ball field covering TARP
Bank negotiation LOAN
Boat-builder of Genesis NOAH
Breathtaking snake BOA
Calendar month APRIL
Cantina cash PESO
Capt. Kirk's doctor MCCOY
Casanova ROUE
CB, for one RADIO
Chicago airport OHARE
Chicken serving BREAST
Christmas song CAROL
Cologne that sounds forbidding TABU
Do the honors on Thanksgiving CARVE
Elongated swimmer EEL
Eye discharge RHEUM
Film reviewer's showing CLIP
George's songwriting brother IRA
Group of Girl Scouts, e.g. TROOP
Hairy one of Genesis ESAU
Heads a meeting CHAIRS
Helm heading ENE
Hence, in logic ERGO
High-jumper's hurdle CROSSBAR
Hunter in the sky ORION
In an appropriate manner FITLY
Jed's find OIL
Kids' winter schoolday wish SNOW
Kind of recall TOTAL
Large band instrument TUBA
Left on the map? WEST
Limb bone ULNA
Lion's warning ROAR
Make up for, as sins ATONE
Mauna ___ (Hawaii's highest point) KEA
Monster with a petrifying gaze GORGON
More than just pleasingly plump OBESE
Museum specialist RESTORER
No longer active (Abbr.) RET
Noted race place INDY
Oater saloon fight BRAWL
Of a financial plan BUDGETARY
Of the finest quality AONE
One of the basic tastes SOUR
One you might not want to meet just yet? MAKER
Org. that sets law school standards ABA
Palindromic parent MOM
Pen plaints OINKS
Pops the question ASKS
Praise to the skies EXALT
Proposal response, sometimes YES
Quantum follower? LEAP
Reach consensus AGREE
React to a stoplight BRAKE
Rowboat accessory OAR
Seed on a bagel POPPY
Seed or germ SPORE
Sign of life? PULSE
Sound from a Holstein MOO
Speak without restraint (with "it") LETRIP
Table scraps ORTS
Tabloid transport UFO
They're near the bottom of the musical scale RES
Trade show, e.g. EXPO
Unrefined mineral ORE
Where Essen is RUHR
Words shouted before making a scene QUIETONTHESET
Words with a gavel strike ORDERINTHECOURT
X-ray dosages RADS
Yucatan Indians MAYAS
___ flush (highest poker hand) ROYAL
___ Valley (1960 Winter Olympics locale) SQUAW
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