How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Mar 29 2006

''A Doll's House'' heroine NORA
''Sophie's Choice'' author STYRON
''Unbreakable'' actor WILLIS
''___ now, when?'' IFNOT
''___ Stop Loving You'' ICANT
1979 revolution locale IRAN
551, to an ancient Roman DLI
Animal skin HIDE
Apple's apple, e.g. LOGO
April or November surprise SNOW
Bare-bones NOFRILLS
Beneath contempt ROTTEN
Bikini blast, briefly ATEST
Can imperfection DENT
Christmas NOEL
City near the Yamuna River AGRA
Crude grp.? OPEC
Disney's ''That ___ Cat!'' DARN
Dubai leader EMIR
Exhausted DOGTIRED
Fast flyer to J.F.K., once SST
Feeling or hearing, e.g. SENSE
Fit together nicely MESH
Flee into the arms of RUNTO
Flue dirt SOOT
Founder of Detroit CADILLAC
Georgian capital LARI
Gut-wrenching feeling ANGST
Haughty ones SNOOTS
Heart chambers ATRIA
International treaty PACT
It can make nerds cool AIRCONDITIONING
It may be well-traveled ROAD
It requires a key IGNITIONSWITCH
Kilt pattern PLAID
Kind of deck LIDO
Leave stranded MAROON
Like Odets' ''Waiting for Lefty'' ONEACT
List of prior arrests RAPSHEET
London gallery TATE
Lowly worker PEON
Mattress innards COILS
More upscale TONIER
Nastase of tennis ILIE
Neanderthal's wear PELT
Nearly treeless plain LLANO
Nears retirement AGES
On pins and needles AGOG
One of 13 of 52 SPADE
Overturns UPENDS
Part of an opera house TIER
Psychological problem IDENTITYCRISIS
Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar ELCID
Runs with an easy gait LOPES
School founded before Columbus landed in America ETON
Seesaw sitter of verse ESAU
Senior soirees PROMS
Shakespearean manipulator IAGO
Sister NUN
Something to win by ANOSE
Soup du jour, perhaps ONION
The very highest TIPTOP
Titmice, e.g. BIRDS
Type of circle CROP
Type of massage SCALP
Units of wt. LBS
Voice one's views OPINE
What stevedores do STOW
Woman with a theme LARA
Word with bank or student LOAN
Word with branding or curling IRON
Word with race or chip POTATO
Worldly rather than spiritual LAIC
___ avis RARA
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