How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Mar 08 2008

''Able was I ___ ...'' ERE
''Black Orpheus'' setting RIO
''Don't worry about me!'' IMOK
''He's making ___, checking it ...'' ALIST
''Pledge of Allegiance'' ender ALL
''Well, ___-di-dah!'' LAH
''___ Ha'i'' BALI
Admission of guilt MEACULPA
Armstrong's lander EAGLE
Beverage originally called Brad's Drink PEPSICOLA
Bring down the house RAZE
Build up, as a fortune AMASS
Certain salad cheese GORGONZOLA
Chew the fat CHAT
Chicken choice LEG
Coach's list ROSTER
Cry of disgust FIE
Cuts into pieces, as a pizza SLICESUP
Damp and chilly RAW
Dean Martin's ''That's ___'' AMORE
Defendant, often DENIER
Delivery vehicle VAN
Diamond complement NINE
Do, re and mi, etc. NOTES
Embarrass ABASH
English channel BBC
Finger or toe, e.g. DIGIT
First game of a double-header OPENER
Flock leader PASTOR
Forms a union WEDS
Hardest to eat, as fish BONIEST
Heartfelt reading? EKG
Hoodwinks CONS
Hot treat south of the border TAMALES
Housebroken TAME
Italian Dominican reformer Girolamo SAVONAROLA
Kid's choice in home construction? LEGO
Lends a hand to AIDS
Like an active volcano ERUPTING
Lubricated OILED
Luxurious resorts SPAS
Many a home transaction RESALE
Mathematical curve PARABOLA
Mediterranean port city MALAGA
Member of a Roman family PATER
Michelle Phillips and Cass Elliot MAMAS
Mississippi B.B. King Museum city INDIANOLA
Most of ''The Wizard of Oz'' DREAM
Nantes' river LOIRE
Old record players VICTROLA
Opera house box LOGE
Orbital point APSIS
Perform delicate surgery, in a way LASE
Peter Lorre's Mr. MOTO
Pinnacle APEX
Point of view SLANT
Recently OFLATE
Recipe abbr. TBSP
Say it's so AVER
Shiny finish GLOSS
Simile's center ASA
Societal customs MORES
Surf sounds ROARS
Tack on ATTACH
Teamwork obstacle EGO
Tidal withdrawal EBB
Title that literally means ''beauty'' SRI
Vintner's vessel VAT
Web journal BLOG
Well-kept secret, for some AGE
White or Red team SOX
Woods often found in front of a field? TIGER
Wordsmith's concern USAGE
___-Anne-de-Beaupre STE
___-locka (Miami suburb) OPA
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