How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Mar 05 2008

''All Alone ___'' (Brenda Lee hit) AMI
''Appalachian Spring'' composer Copland AARON
''As if!'' PSHAW
''Batman'' star Adam WEST
''Clumsy me!'' OOPS
''Employees ___'' (store sign) ONLY
''Let it stand'' orders STETS
''The Nevadan,'' e.g. OATER
''The one'' played by Keanu NEO
''The Thousand and One Nights'' hero ALI
''___ Flux'' AEON
1777 battle site near Philadelphia PAOLI
A drawbridge may span one MOAT
A little of a large lot? ACRE
Act the trucker HAUL
All-knowing one SWAMI
Allowable LICIT
Ancient Cuzco natives INCAS
Aquatic shocker EEL
Arboretum specimen TREE
Assembly of minks? COAT
Atlas emulators HEMEN
Avian haunt NEST
Baseball great Gehrig LOU
Be penitent ATONE
Beauty bar botanical ALOE
Bit of infirmity ACHE
Botanical coat ARIL
Build up, as a river's edge EMBANK
Canyon cousin GORGE
Carb-loaded meal PASTA
Cauldron stirrers HAGS
Causes of personality clashes EGOS
Comedian's asset WIT
Computer buyer USER
Down in the dumps BLUE
Emotional heat ANGER
Failing grades EFFS
Fifty-oared ship ARGO
Figure skater Kulik ILIA
Flora partner FAUNA
Get a bit wild, in a way SHEDINHIBITIONS
Halvah ingredient SESAME
Hamlet DORP
Hardly cutting-edge STAID
Hardly permissive STERN
Heist haul LOOT
If everything goes right ATBEST
Ignored intentionally SLIGHTED
It can find furniture in the dark SHIN
It may be achieved in a hospital STABLECONDITION
It may begin with a handshake TRUCE
It's more important with lines ROLE
Joan of Arc, e.g. MARTYR
Kind of acid FOLIC
Less ambiguous SURER
Loses verticality TIPS
One who takes to the bottle? BABY
Place to drive from? TEE
Popeye's buddies SALTS
Protest formally LODGEACOMPLAINT
Receiver of prayers DEITY
Sonneteer's Muse ERATO
Suitable in every way IDEAL
Supply funding for BACK
Tabloid twosome ITEM
They were driven in the Old West CATTLE
Trademarked fruit name UGLI
Use a fly rod CAST
Woodpecker's creation HOLE
Word that used to precede ''Germany'' EAST
Workers in a colony ANTS
___ the lily GILD
___-cochere (covered carriage entrance) PORTE
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