How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Mar 01 2011

" ___ on Down the Road" EASE
"... borrower ___ lender be" NORA
"... deliver us from ___" EVIL
"Ditto," in footnotes IDEM
"He's ___ nowhere man ..." (Beatles lyric) AREAL
"How are you ___?" DOING
"I don't believe you!" LIAR
"I tawt I taw a puddy ___" TAT
"I thought ___ never leave!" THEYD
"If all ___ fails ..." ELSE
"Iron Chef" tools PANS
"No ___ traffic" THRU
"Smokey and the ___" (1977) BANDIT
"What ___ of Fool Am I?" KIND
"___! The Herald Angels Sing" HARK
401(k) expert, e.g. CPA
Addition or subtraction MATH
Additive in skin lotions ALOE
African horned charger RHINO
After the deadline LATE
Allah worshipper MUSLIM
As a czar, he was terrible IVAN
Ask for an opinion POLL
Basic speech part NOUN
Bedsheets and such LINEN
Brilliant line from Whitman? SHINESHINESHINE
Catch in a stocking SNAG
Chunk in the Arctic Ocean BERG
Church approvals AMENS
Clenched hand FIST
Cremation jars URNS
Crusoe's misfortune SHIPWRECK
Delicious TASTY
Detach a medal UNPIN
Eject, volcano-style SPEW
Emulates a firefly GLOWSINTHEDARK
Ermine in brown STOAT
False pretense SHAM
Figures in geometry AREAS
Flower parts SEPALS
Gets closer NEARS
Group of talking heads PANEL
Happen as a result ENSUE
Have a grand meal DINE
Health retreats SPAS
Heavenly body shape SPHERE
Hit the showers BATHE
Host attachment ESS
Hundredweight, for short CWT
Improvised musically VAMPED
Italian wine VINO
Lacking strength INFIRM
Like a visually impaired Arctic traveler? SNOWBLIND
More ___ willing THAN
Most populous nation CHINA
Necklace fastener CLASP
Not "with it" UNHIP
Not be economical WASTE
Prefix with "while" ERST
River by the Louvre SEINE
Salty droplet TEAR
Snooze-producing BLAH
Spoon-playing site KNEE
Strong scents MUSKS
Supermarket array CANS
The Green Monster, in Boston WALL
They take turns for the wurst? SPITS
Thorny SPINY
Undercover agent SPY
Upper pelvic bones ILIA
Voice in a chorus ALTO
What a new parent craves SLEEP
What a pleased parent does BEAMSWITHPRIDE
What stainless steel doesn't do RUST
Zero, in soccer scores NIL
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