How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jun 23 2013

"Be my ___!" GUEST
"Call Me Ishmael" author Charles OLSON
"Long ___, in a galaxy far ..." AGO
"My Fair Lady" race course ASCOT
"Smoking or ___?" (waiter's query) NON
"Take this" HERE
"The Battleship Potemkin" locale ODESSA
"Trial" partner ERROR
"___ only money" ITS
A lot of a drill sergeant's drill HUTS
A neighbor of Jordan SYRIA
A tributary of the Missouri OSAGE
Abort a mission SCRUB
Adjust to the correct pitch TUNE
Apiece EACH
Arrange in a logical order SORT
Asian cuisine choice THAI
Asian maidservant AMAH
Bit of bait from the backyard WORM
Bit of chin-wagging CHAT
Black-spotted cat OCELOT
Blackfoot's abode TEPEE
Bodily strength MIGHT
Breakable words OATHS
Brooding type? HEN
Cash from the Continent EUROS
Casino gratuities TOKES
Charon's waterway STYX
Come to pass HAPPEN
Early Atlas rocket, e.g ICBM
Enhancing or heightening INCREASING
Equatorial African BANTU
Extroverted OUTGOING
Fabled fast starter HARE
Facility EASE
Failing to win or lose TYING
Filled pasta TORTELLINI
Fuzzy textile WOOL
Goosefoot family herb ORACH
Greek X CHI
Grown-up efts NEWTS
Hammer part PEEN
Hearty party GALA
Heavy hammer MAUL
Highlights POINTSOUT
Inventor Nikola TESLA
Leaving for the evening GOINGOUT
Location SITE
Lollygag TARRY
Mallory's big brother on "Family Ties" ALEX
Mantel piece URN
Midafternoon, on a sundial III
Money machine mfr NCR
Must have NEED
Not yet final, as a decree NISI
One of the Trinity SON
Painting and sculpting ARTS
PlayStation maker SONY
Roberts of "Runaway Train" ERIC
Scores more than OUTPOINTS
Shade of green KELLY
Singer's advocate AGENT
Singing voice ALTO
Some Greek consonants THETAS
Suit makers' org.? ABA
Thick slice SLAB
Three-way joint TEE
Unappetizing bowlfuls GLOPS
Uniform material CHINO
Unoriginal show? RERUN
Unsightly eye problem STYE
Utmost degree NTH
Very excited AGOG
Was familiar with KNEW
Where a kookaburra lives OUTBACK
Where Paul McCartney was once jailed TOKYO
Wide-open AGAPE
Wolf pack member UBOAT
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