How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jun 20 2008

''... Fuzzy Wuzzy ___ fuzzy ...'' WASNT
''La Traviata'' has three ACTS
''Needs more ___'' SALT
''The ___ have it'' AYES
''To your health!'' e.g. TOAST
Abilities TALENTS
Actor M. ___ Walsh EMMET
Additive to some tissues ALOE
Algonquian-speaking Indian CREE
Allure TEMPT
Almighty LORD
Altar exchange VOWS
Alternatives to sprays ROLLONS
An elm is a good one SHADETREE
Aromatic ointment used in antiquity (Var.) NARD
Atkins anathema CARB
Audacity NERVE
Become more declivitous STEEPEN
Bench activity PRESS
Carve with acid ETCH
Cases for the love doctor BROKENHEARTS
Certain jelly substance VASELINE
Co-___ (some apartments) OPS
Concerned with a specific purpose ADHOC
Data transmission unit BAUD
Egg-laying mammal ECHIDNA
Electrical inventor Nikola TESLA
Elementary beginning ABC
Family on ''Soap'' TATES
Fed. transportation provider GSA
Fertilizer chemical UREA
Foreign minister under Begin DAYAN
Googlers' destinations SITES
High peak ALP
Hull caulking OAKUM
Hyde Park's river HUDSON
Lab procedure TEST
Light, informal conversation TITTLETATTLE
Like some imitations PALE
Make accustomed to INURE
Mattress or pillow stuffing KAPOK
Moon path ARC
Museum acquisition ART
Nickname for Babe Ruth (with ''the'') BAMBINO
No more than ATMOST
Not in agreement ATODDS
Org. looking after kids PTA
Perfume amounts OUNCES
Plant swellings EDEMAS
Playful prank CAPER
Rue the run ACHE
Some are small and golden EAGLETS
Some broadcast-booth banter COLORCOMMENTARY
Sound of body HALE
Steep, rugged rock CRAG
Swift bird on foot EMU
The cards you hold HAND
The smallest unit of DNA MUTON
They take bows during performances VIOLAS
Tick off PEEVE
Weekly weeder? HOE
What push may come to SHOVE
When repeated, a child's train CHOO
Where two tablets were taken SINAI
Word used in many comparisons THAN
Words with ''record'' or ''trap'' SETA
Wriggly swimmers EELS
You can stick with it GLUE
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