How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jun 10 2015

" ___ the ramparts ..." OER
"All kidding ___..." ASIDE
"Grease" player SANDY
"He's ___ nowhere man" (Beatles lyric) AREAL
"Really, ___ nothing" ITS
"Spy vs. Spy" magazine MAD
"Terrible twos" cries NOS
"___ to Billie Joe" ODE
100th of a yen SEN
A quarter of eight TWO
Absolute UTTER
Annexes ADDS
Anxious ANTSY
Any "Seinfeld," now RERUN
Appropriate APT
Astronaut's insignia NASA
Attendance counter STILE
Be in session SIT
Black, in poetry EBON
Breakfast item BAGEL
Bridge site HELM
Bucharest bill LEU
Cafeteria customer EATER
Chuck TOSS
Conceit EGO
Concrete section SLAB
Congers EELS
Cornhusker State metropolis OMAHA
Costa del ___ SOL
Created a lap SAT
Crowd disperser TEARGAS
Cummerbund kin OBI
Diamonds, to a gangster ICE
Directs, as a vehicle STEERS
Dog tag datum OWNER
Election winners INS
Flowery chain LEI
Formal-sounding letter opener SIRS
Former attachment to "while" ERST
Gentlemen (Abbr.) MESSRS
Go back on a promise RENEGE
Hindu retreats ASHRAMS
Horizontal at night ABED
Humor WIT
In installments ONTIME
It leaves one classless? ABSENTEEISM
Karate blow CHOP
Kind of metabolism BASAL
Less chancy SAFER
Losing proposition? DIET
Messed up a tail LOSTSIGHTOF
Moll's leg GAM
More than likes ADORES
Not coming back GONEFORGOOD
Odd-numbered page RECTO
One in a congregation WORSHIPER
Ornamental flower, for short MUM
Part of the crossword CLUE
Printer components IMAGERS
Rubbernecker GAPER
Showing a lot of feeling EMOTIVE
Skater, before hitting the ice LACER
Some boxing punches LEFTS
Something to fall back on? PRAT
Speaker systems, for short PAS
Squirrel away HOARD
Subside, as rainfall LETUP
Take after a tailor SEW
Thai money BAHTS
The max ULT
Title bestowed in church? MRS
Tumults ADOS
Working class members PROLES
___-frutti TUTTI
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