How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jun 08 2008

''At once!'' STAT
''Curb Your Enthusiasm'' network HBO
''Horton Hears a ___'' WHO
''Majesty'' preceder YOUR
''My Life as ___'' (1985) ADOG
''Now ___ heard everything!'' IVE
''Pee-___ Big Adventure'' (1985 film) WEES
''Say no more'' ISEE
''Shazam!'' PRESTO
''The Untouchables'' protagonist NESS
''There Will Be Blood'' actor Paul DANO
''___ Male War Bride'' (1949 film) IWASA
2 + 2 = 5, e.g. ERROR
46, one way XLVI
Actor Hawke ETHAN
Add more lubricant REOIL
Alarm bells TOCSINS
Alpinist's need PITON
Artist Toulouse-Lautrec HENRI
Aspen runners SKIS
Berger of ''Cast a Giant Shadow'' SENTA
Bullock of Hollywood SANDRA
Carnival treat COTTONCANDY
Certain NCOs SSGTS
Corn or wheat CROP
Cotillions BALLS
Danish monetary unit KRONE
Dropped in the mailbox SENT
Duke Ellington classic SATINDOLL
Early Bruce Lee role KATO
Fast steed ARAB
Forklift extension PRONG
Former baseball commissioner Bowie KUHN
Gp. once headed by Kweisi Mfume NAACP
Heavy-lifting machine JACKSCREW
In the style of ALA
Intro to physics? META
It may be raised in an argument IRE
Italian stringed instrument ARPA
Jai ___ (fast court game) ALAI
Joseph Stalin's daughter SVETLANA
Lacking carbonation FLAT
Maliciousness SPITE
Mgr.'s right-hand man ASST
Nine-to-five fill-ins, briefly TEMPS
Packed, as pistols TOTED
Passion of a noted phantom OPERA
Pottery furnaces KILNS
Prentiss or Abdul PAULA
Prepares the presses, in a way INKS
Reacted to a pun GROANED
Reason to scratch one's head? ITCH
Rimshot instrument SNARE
Roofing material SLATE
Saucepot cover LID
Scarlett of fiction OHARA
Seasons french fries SALTS
Seed covering ARIL
Sharp criticism JAB
Sharpens, as skills HONES
Small adjustment TWEAK
Soccer great Lalas ALEXI
Some Web site features ADS
Space opening? AERO
Spotted pet CALICOCAT
Surrendered, as land CEDED
Tale on a grand scale EPIC
They don't require water SILKFLOWERS
They might get drunk in the summer ADES
Toper who knows Opie OTIS
Wesley of ''Blade'' SNIPES
When purchased alone EACH
Word in a popular New Year's tune AULD
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