How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jul 23 2016

"And now, without further ___ ..." ADO
"Can I get you anything ___?" ELSE
"Filthy" dough LUCRE
"Norma ___" (1979 movie) RAE
"Rocket Man" singer John ELTON
"___ just have to do" ITLL
"___ Las Vegas" (Presley film) VIVA
A little over 2 pounds KILO
AAA offerings TOWS
Academy freshman PLEB
Auctioneer's batch LOT
Ball charmer BELLE
Bangkok buck BAHT
Billiard sticks CUES
Bottle top capacity CAPFUL
Cannabis product HEMP
Celebratory poems ODES
Changes color DYES
City in India AGRA
Colony type PENAL
Cook's exhortation DIGIN
Culinary guru CHEF
Developing egg OVULE
Dried up SERE
Famed gymnastics coach Karolyi BELA
Freshly cut, as a lawn MOWN
Get the knots out UNTIE
Government operative AGENT
Hairy twin in the Bible ESAU
Horse hooves sound CLOP
Hurdles for graduate students ORALS
It might go from 1 to 10 SCALE
It signals danger REDFLAG
La ___ University (Philadelphia school) SALLE
Make-meet connector ENDS
Moisturizer ingredient ALOE
Neck section NAPE
Nickname for a noncom SARGE
No longer hidden SEEN
Nondrinking period STATEOFSOBRIETY
Not me or them YOU
Obscuring, in a way VEILING
One in deep thought MUSER
Open a pill bottle UNCAP
Oregano, e.g HERB
Part of a flower STEM
Peke squeaks YIPS
Prefix with "jet" or "prop" TURBO
Received a varsity award LETTERED
Remove, as a bracelet UNCLASP
San Francisco hill NOB
Sandpiper relative PLOVER
Shortened weapon SAWEDOFFSHOTGUN
Sick ILL
Some cologne scents MUSKS
Sound like a snake HISS
Stadium seating level TIER
Superpower no more USSR
Surgery aftermath SCAR
Take a seat SIT
Take off the books REPEAL
The "Good Times" family EVANS
This puzzle's theme SOS
Type of media MASS
Umpire's scream, sometimes SAFE
Unglazed pot with a wide mouth OLLA
Unnamed quantity SOME
Unstable subatomic particle MUON
Uptight TENSE
Walled off ISOLATED
Waterfall phenomenon SUNBOW
What "helps the medicine go down," in song SPOONFULOFSUGAR
Win, at an auction OUTBID
Winter malady FLU
___-Lorraine (region of France) ALSACE
___-two punch ONE
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