How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jul 10 2018

"Boy, is it hot!" phew
"Stop that or ___!" else
"Why is it always me?" alas
A question of possession whose
Aired "The Flintstones" reran
Babe counterpart hunk
Bad ___, Germany ems
Bar shot, sometimes rye
Barbershop action snip
Big block of granite slab
Bit of dental work inlay
Blunder slipup
Circular deliverer usps
Coin hills piles
Common article the
Common column no. 2 tens
Completely dislike hate
Costa del ___ sol
Covet envy
Darting organs eyes
Defeat but good tromp
Defeats bests
Dined at home atein
Do more than retreat laydownonesarms
Drank like a boxer lapped
Droops sags
Fairy-tale creature elf
Feather in a cap plume
Feeling pressure tense
First to marry while president tyler
Fixer of the four-footed vet
Goatlike antelope saiga
Good-weather clouds cirri
Greek sandwich gyro
Half-hitch? Almost slipknot
Holder of notions etui
Hospital undertakings tests
Hydrogen's two neutrons
Is a bench rider sits
Jessica of a "Fantastic" film alba
Lack of intensity ease
Like some sushi eely
Make comments state
Make plans to acquire setonessightson
Mine way adit
Money-yielding pitch sell
Native like Hamlet dane
Neck injury whiplash
Not out of, U-turn into
One's establishment placeofbusiness
Online client user
Ooze seep
Own up to admit
Periods of decline ebbs
Plate for Eucharist paten
Rating a C soso
Run-down urban area slum
Seafood selection sole
Sheep owners, at times shearers
Sign of doom omen
Sister, really nun
Sitcom's forte humor
Spanish little poco
Squeegee wiper
St. ___ Girl (suds) pauli
Stage item riser
Stars have them egos
Start with "while," old erst
Stored (with "set") aside
Surefooted creature cat
Surrealist pioneer ernst
Thin smoke streak wisp
Under the weather ill
Upright tower? No pisa
Use, as plates eaton
Window part sill
___ Miguel, Azores sao
Г%83âГ%82ÀГ%82В%9DTrue ___" grit
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