How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jan 26 2014

"Fifteen Miles on the ___ Canal" ERIE
"Laugh-In" comedian Johnson ARTE
"The Thin Man" pooch ASTA
"The way to a ___ heart ..." MANS
"___ Bravo" RIO
Antlered mammal DEER
Back of the pack REAR
Be concerned CARE
Beat in a tournament OUST
Betting figures ODDS
Betwixt and between AMID
Brother of Cain ABEL
Buddies PALS
Carpenter's punch NAILSET
Chicken man, in the circus GEEK
Club at Camden Yards BAT
Come back to earth LAND
Contraction with number one WERE
Defibrillator output JOLTS
Deposit in a lode-bearing wall? ORE
Dinner's often on him SLOB
Disburden RID
Dubai denizen ARAB
Egg-shaped OVOID
Ensures the failure of DOOMS
Fido's dinnertime extra ORT
Fine-tunes TWEAKS
Flu variety AVIAN
Get ___ start (be tardy) ALATE
Give food to FEED
Indian language HINDI
Is expanded? ARE
It has a long arm LAW
Ivory Coast neighbor MALI
Jenny the "Swedish Nightingale" LIND
King Solomon had one MINE
Legendary multi-sport star BABEDIDRIKSON
Legendary Olympic gymnast NADIACOMANECI
Legendary track star JESSEOWENS
Like summer tea ICED
Loyal subject or city in Belgium LIEGE
Metcalf of "Roseanne" LAURIE
Mexican general Santa ___ ANA
Misfortune WOE
More humane KINDER
Moved like a fan? OSCILLATED
Olympic figure skater SONJAHENIE
One of the Munsters HERMAN
Pale-yellow color JASMINE
Pearl production locales OYSTERBEDS
Poet Angelou MAYA
Poorly behaved BAD
Public commotion SCENE
Short sock ANKLET
Sicily's mountain ETNA
Slightly open AJAR
Some are classified ADS
Son of Seth ENOS
Stands by for AWAITS
Store-bought hair WIG
Take credit? OWE
Terra ___ (dry land) FIRMA
Tight-fisted person MISER
Tragedy by Euripides MEDEA
Try for three points KICK
Unsatisfying game result TIE
Videogame system, say CONSOLE
Wasn't just given EARNED
Where to hit a bucket of balls RANGE
White-plumed heron EGRET
Wind up or wind down END
Winter transport SLED
With more curves SNAKIER
Word before "group" or "pressure" PEER
Word often used in razor ads SMOOTH
___ Linda, Calif LOMA
___ Mahal TAJ
___ trip (self-indulgent activity) EGO
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